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XTR LP Lights

Some of the best LED license plate lights that are currently offered for sale in the market include different models. This can make the selection process rather difficult for first time buyers. Xenon Depot offers LP lights from top brands that are guaranteed to last for many years and give your vehicle style like no other brand can. If you are looking to pimp up your ride this year, then XTR LP lights could be the perfect way to make your vehicle stand out from the pack. LED or HID LP lights offer a bright, colourful solution for vehicle owners that adds style and transforms your vehicle from an old age vehicle to something cool and advanced that could be the envy of other drivers. LED LP lights in particular can make a big difference in the long run. You can spice up your vehicle with LED LP lights in red, green and blue color combinations. You can even add LP lights in multicolour combination or choose lights that change color at the touch of a button.

Legal Situation with License Plate Lights

Previously, there used to be separate regulations that dealt with number plate lighting. Nowadays they are generally subject to US and EU regulations, which are pretty universal. The general rule is simple. Number plate lighting must be sufficiently bright that makes the number easy to read from a distance. However, they should not be so bright that they cause a glare for the viewer and it becomes for people to read the number. Another rule is that the lights must light up the entire surface of the license plate and should not cover or hide any elements that are required to be displayed, by law. When it comes to customization, there are specific rules for colours and brightness. If you replace the original number plate lighting with something that hides the number or makes it ineligible for others to read it clearly, you might lose the permission to use your car. This condition applies regardless of using the lights at day or night. This is why it is important to buy your replacement license plate lights from a trusted supplier who only supplies legally compliant lights for your needs.

Switching to LED LP Lights

It can be a simple upgrade to switch from routine light bulbs to LED bulbs for you license plate. The XTR LP lights are easy to bolt onto your vehicle’s top two license plate mounts. You don’t even need a mechanic for this and can do it yourself. The die-cast aluminum housing for the license plate lights is contoured according to the geometry of the license plate mount for a flush and neat fit. The mounting points for the LP lights are positioned according to the same universal standard that is used for license plates. This makes it quite easy to carry out the upgrade on your own.

Upgrade to High Quality LED License Plate Lights

License plate lights may not be the most glamorous lights on your vehicle but they are the most important in terms of legal compliance. License plate lighting laws can vary from one state to another but most states mandate installation of LP lights that make your license plate legible, adequately bright and clearly visible to law enforcement officers. If your license plate lights are not functioning correctly or removed, it can be interpreted as an attempt to obscure the plate. If pulled over you could be subject to a traffic ticket and fine, even if it happens during the day. So make sure that you license plate lights are working correctly and up to date, at all times.

Buy Top Quality LED LP Lights at Xenon Depot

For over a decade, the team of experts at Xenon Depot has worked with manufacturers, suppliers and car owners to supply top quality and reliable lighting products. We have worked hard to earn our excellent reputation and promise top quality LP lighting products for customer needs. Car owners all over the world know that Xenon Depot is one of the best online sources for high performance automotive lighting solutions. We offer powerful lighting products at the most competitive prices. We have one of the most knowledgeable, professional teams of light experts and if you buy products from Xenon Depot, you can be sure that you are buying from the best. Need guidance for buying LED LP lights for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!!