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Signal, Brake and Interior Lighting

LED lights have become very popular for automobiles. A large number of drivers upgrade their vehicle’s necessary lighting systems to LED because they are more efficient, brighter and more durable. Xenon Depot offers the best turn signals and tail lights as well as interior lighting upgrades to give you a better driving experience. LED technology has seen a lot of improvements in recent years. LED bulbs were first popularized in homes and properties. Given their high efficiency however, it was only a matter of time before these bulbs would be adopted in automobiles as well. You can switch your vehicle’s turn signals, brakes, side lights, parking lights, reverse lights and interior lights to LED for improved efficiency and safety. LED bulbs offer many advantages over the traditional HID and halogen bulbs for your vehicle’s lighting systems.

Benefits of LED Lights for Turn Signals

Your vehicle’s turn signal is important for driving safely on the road. It comes into play when you are looking to switch lanes or want to take a turn at a corner. The turn signal gives other drivers behind you heads-up on your driving intent. If someone is trying to overtake your vehicle from the same direction that you are looking to drive into, the turn signal can help you avoid a collision. It makes sense to get the best lighting equipment for your turn signals. LED bulbs are great for turn signals and side lights on your vehicle. LED turn signals are reliable and they can last much longer than regular HID or halogen bulbs. They are also quite bright and easily visible whether you are driving during the day or at night.

Upgrade to High Quality LED Tail Lights

Your tail lights consist of four main lighting fixtures. These include the tail lights, brakes, reverse lights and parking lights. The tail lights turn on as soon as you turn the headlights on. These lights are a dim, red color that makes it easier for drivers behind you to see your vehicle. Brakes are a bright crimson red and indicate to the trailing drivers when you are about to slow down or come to a stop. Brakes are crucial for avoiding accidents and have been mandatory in many parts of the world for decades. Reversing lights can be either white or bright yellow. Although they aren’t mandatory, they can be very useful to warn drivers and pedestrians behind you about your intention to reverse the vehicle. Lastly, your vehicle has parking lights that are present at the rear and sides of your vehicle. Parking lights blink, similar to turn indicators and let other drivers know when you are parked on the road. In general, most car manufacturers use halogen bulbs for all four of these lights. However, you can upgrade to LED bulbs because they are better and brighter. LED tail or brake lights consume less power and last much longer. LED brake lights turn on instantly as soon as you press the pedal, which can make a difference between an accident and a near miss.

Best Interior Lights to Add Style to Your Vehicle

LED lights are the best and perhaps the only option for decorating your vehicle’s interior. Unlike halogen or HID bulbs, LED lights do not become hot when they are lit up. This prevents the chance of accidental burns and helps maintain a decent cabin temperature. LED interior lights also offer much more versatility and better color options. You don’t have to install white or yellow bulbs inside the vehicle, if you don’t want to. LEDs come in wide color combinations including red, green, blue, yellow, white and purple. You can even get a combination of interior lights that switch colors based on the rhythm of your music, to create a great effect inside your vehicle. Interior LED lights can be installed in the form of LED strips that can be bent, flexed or stretched any way to want. With LED interior lights, you get complete control on how you want to customize your vehicle.

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