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XTR LED Headlight Kits

LED headlights are becoming very popular with users. LEDs are energy efficient and in some cases, consume 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Lower consumption can lead to a dramatic decrease in power costs. LED headlights also last longer and cut costs due to their longer lifespan. Although Halogen bulbs remain the preferred type of lights used by most auto manufacturers these days, LED headlights are also getting a lot of attention. LEDs consume much lower power and they can easily fit into small places, giving car designers more choices. LED headlight kits can be used for both reflector and projector type of headlights. Generally, they create a bright, bluish white light that is very popular with car owner. However, you can also get LED lights in yellow, if you prefer.

How Do LED Headlights Work?

LEDs are built with a more advanced technology than the one used in incandescent bulbs. Light emitting diodes are placed on LEDs that are responsible for creating light. Basically, there are two semiconductors that are fitted on a small chip, adjacent to each other. The semiconductors have a number of atoms dispersed between them. When an electrical charge is applied to the two semiconductors, the atoms move towards each other due to the electrical charge and combine. This creates energy that is released in the form of a bright spark of light. The LED technology allows these lights to turn on instantly, as soon as an electric charge is applied to the diodes. This is different from the way HID or halogen bulbs work. In incandescent bulbs, an electric arc is used to heat up a gas, halogen or xenon, and it takes time to fully light up the bulb. With LEDs, full brightness is reached within a second. LED headlights require a set of ballasts, one for each light. You may also need to install necessary relay harnesses and wiring when upgrading from incandescent bulbs to LED headlights.

Benefits of LED Headlights

Upgrading to LED headlights from stock halogen lights will give you several benefits. 1. LEDs last much longer and you won’t need to worry about bulb replacement very often. 2. LED headlights are much brighter than halogen bulbs. If you are converting to LED headlights for the first time you will be pleasantly surprised with the difference in light visibility. 3. LED headlights are very efficiency and consume much lower energy than HID or halogen headlights. 4. LEDs do not emit heat like HID or halogen bulbs. They are very safe to work with. 5. LED headlights can be very small and fit into compact spaces. 6. LED headlights offer excellent color varieties from bright orange and yellow to pure white and lightning blue. 7. LED headlights can be set up to emit light in one direction only. 8. LED headlights are very durable since there is no need for surrounding glass bulb. 9. LED headlights turn on instantaneously unlike HID bulbs that take a few seconds to achieve full brightness. 10. LED headlights do not produce any UV rays. 11. LED headlights work well in both hot and cold weather. 12. You can control the power and brightness for LED lights to get the output you want.

Do You Need An LED Headlight Kit for Conversion?

If you are switching your vehicle headlights from HID or halogen bulbs to LED lights for the first time, you will need to use a conversion kit. LED conversion kits are designed to upgrade existing headlights to LED lights with minimal modifications to the existing housing and electrical circuits. Unless you are experienced with auto lighting upgrade and know what you are doing, it is recommended to use a retrofit kit. LED headlight conversion kits include all the necessary components for optimal LED lighting performance. The kits include: 1. A ballast that controls the electric power delivered to the bulb 2. A cooling system typically composed of a heat sink and a fan 3. Appropriate LED lights for the upgrade. You can buy these components separately as well, if you are looking to do a custom upgrade to your vehicle.

Upgrade to LED Headlights with Xenon Depot

LED headlights can be a great addition to your vehicle. They produce greater lighting, are more efficient and will last longer than regular headlights. In order to get the best quality output from your LED headlights, make sure that the lights are purchased from a reputable company with a good sales history. Xenon Depot offers reliable, top quality LED headlight kits, LED bulbs, and LED accessories that will help you upgrade your vehicle’s projectors with the best LED lights in the market. Browse through our XTR LED conversion kits below to find the perfect product for your needs today! Need guidance for buying LED headlight kits for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!