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Fog Light Kits

Even though fog lights are not legally required on vehicles, they have become an essential for drivers. Fog lights make it easier for you to drive in intense weather conditions when visibility is limited. Find and buy the best Halogen, HID and LED fog lights at Xenon Depot. Fog lights (aka fog lamps) are a type of automobile lights that are designed to emit light close to the ground in a long shaped beam. Fog lights are generally installed very low, at the bottom of your bumper and aim at the ground in a dimmed angle to enhance visibility. Fog lights can be installed both at the front and rear ends of the vehicle. The front fog lamps make it easier for you to see the ground in foggy, unclear weather. The rear fog lamps are placed for the benefit of drivers behind you, making it easier for them to spot your vehicle in foggy weather.

What Makes Fog Lights Different From Headlights?

Although they may appear the same, fog lights serve an entirely different purpose. Take the orientation and position of fog lights and compare them to high beam front projectors and you will see that the two are completely different. Your headlights’ high and low beam bulbs are both aimed at a relatively shallow angles and project forward. The high beams project light straight ahead while the low beams project light on the road but at a greater distance away from your vehicle. Fog lights, on the other hand, are angled to project light immediately in front of the vehicle. They are used to illuminate the road that is 2 ft to 20 ft in front of your vehicle. Since they are designed to illuminate the road directly in front of your vehicle, it is expected that you would be driving slower when you are using fog lights.

How Do Fog Lights Work

Fog and water particles tend to dissipate as they get closer to the ground. In most cases, fog stays one or two feet above the ground. When you are driving in dense fog, the light from your regular headlights will reflect off the water droplets that are present in the air. The reflection can go in every direction and may even reflect back into your eyes, causing a glare. This makes headlights impractical to use in foggy conditions. Fog lights are placed much lower on your vehicle. They create a wider beam that is angled towards the ground. Since there is very little fog close to the ground, the fog lights do not get reflected and light up the road more effectively. This is why fog light makes it easier to drive in dense, foggy conditions.

Which Fog Lights Should You Get?

Fog lights are available in halogen, HID and LED varieties. You should get fog lights based on your particular needs. There are five factors that you may want to consider. 1. Vehicle Compatibility: The fog lights must be compatible on your vehicle. If your vehicle comes fitted with fog lights on the bumpers, it can be easy to upgrade to any new retrofit fogs. However, you can also install fog lights on the bumpers with custom mounts. 2. Type of Fog Light: There are three kinds of fog lights in the market. Halogen fogs are the cheapest but not very efficient and don’t last long. HID fogs are the most powerful and they are great if you often have to drive off road. LED fogs are the most efficient and last the longest but they are the most expensive. 3. Light Brightness: HID fogs are unarguably the brightest. If you often have to drive off road and don’t have support from street lamps or other cars, we’d suggest going with projector style fogs. If you drive in urban areas more often, LED fogs will do the job nicely. 4. Ease of Installation: You should pick a type of fog lights that would be easy to install on your vehicle. Plug and play fog light kits come with all the necessary wiring and components that make the job easier. 5. Sturdiness: Durability of your fog lights is also crucial if you want them to last a long time. If you live in an area that is close to large bodies of water and it gets very cold, you will have to rely on fog lights quite often. Choose fog lights that are durable and don’t get damaged easily in cold weather.

Buy LED Fog Light Kits at Xenon Depot

Xenon Depot is a trusted name for all kinds of vehicle lighting solutions including fog lights. Our fog light products are equipped with all the latest high-tech features that help you drive with ease even in the most difficult driving conditions. LED fog lights are our top selling products that add style, safety and a convenient driving experience to your vehicle. Feel free to browse through our products page or get in touch with our support team if you need help. Need guidance for buying Fog Light Kits for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!