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XTR HID Ballasts

HID ballasts are crucial components of an HID lighting system. Usually, you will get appropriate HID ballast included with your HID kit. However, you can buy a ballast separately if you are looking to do a custom retrofit job or when you detect problems with your current HID ballast. The HID lighting ballast regulates the flow of voltage to the HID bulb. The ballast is needed to start the lamp and keep it going once the bulb is lit. Without a ballast, the light would draw too much power and burn out quickly, sometimes within minutes. The ballast prevents this from happening and ensures that you get the full benefits of the lamp's lifetime.

Ballast Functions for Your HID Headlamps

Your HID ballast mainly serves two functions. The first function of the ballast is to help your headlights or side lights turn on. When the headlamp is started, the ballast provides a surge of high voltage to the bulb. This helps create an arc between the two electrodes inside the bulb. The xenon gas in the bulb begins to heat up and creates a powerful spark that gives the bulb illumination. The ballast controls the electricity provided to the bulb. It provides enough electricity that the bulb can generate the spark, but not so much that it burns out. The other main function of the HID ballast is to keep the headlight running by providing it adequate electricity to keep the spark steady. Once the electrode arc is established at the start, the ballast reduces the voltage supplied to the bulb and regulates the electric current to keep the arc going. This ensures that the bulb produces an even and steady light, without causing any flickering or fading.

Differences Between HID and Other Ballasts

The HID ballast is similar to other ballasts in many ways but there are a few key differences. To get a clean and safe output for the HID bulb, the ballast must be capable of providing and cutting down electricity quickly and regulate the flow more efficiently to keep the bulb on for longer. The HID ballast needs to regulate the current in your HID lighting system with precise measurement. If it allows too much power to flow into the bulb, your HID light will die out very quickly. The HID bulb may even explode if the heat goes past a certain point. On the other hand, if it only allows a little power to flow into the HID lamp, it can cause flickering, uneven lighting and could cause cracks in the arc inside the bulb. HIDs lights must be capable of turning on and off quickly in order to function without overheating. This is because the Xenon gas inside the bulb needs time to cool down before it starts receiving a strong, high-voltage current again that turns the light back on. The HID ballast has special circuitry installed that helps restart the lamp quickly after turning it off. You won’t find the same type of circuitry in other vehicle lights. HID ballasts also act as DC to AC converters. HID bulbs cannot run on DC current, because it can damage the bulb. Most power sources available for your headlights will be based on DC, so you need the ballast to convert electricity into an AC current.

Upgrading To HID Ballast

Upgrading the HID ballast for your vehicle can be easy, but finding the right HID ballasts may be a more difficult task. Your choice of the HID ballast will depend on the vehicle’s make, model and specific driving requirements that you have. Here are some key things to consider when selecting an HID Ballast for your vehicle. 1. Are you looking to replace your current HID ballasts or want to upgrade from halogen bulbs to HID lights? 2. What is your bulb wattage? 3. Do you need a Canbus Ballast or a regular one will do?

Get the Best HID Ballasts with Xenon Depot Store

When it comes to choosing HID ballasts for your car, you need to make a well-thought decision. Do not get confused just because there are so many options to choose from. Our advice is to always go with quality over price. A good quality HID ballast can last up to 3 or 4 years compared to low quality ballasts that go out of service within a year. If you are new to HID retrofit upgrades, find a reliable seller who offers high-quality products with plenty of warranty coverage. If you are looking to buy HID ballasts that last longer and ensure optimum level of output, you’ve come to the right place. Xenon Depot is a trusted automotive lighting store that only stocks and sells the best quality HID lighting solutions. We offer an extensive range of HID ballasts in HID kits or separately for your customer upgrade projects. Browse through our HID products below to find the perfect product for your needs today! Need guidance for buying HID ballasts for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!