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Light Resistors & Adapters

LED and HID lights require a lower power input than stock factory bulbs. To use them effectively, you will need to install light resistors and adapters on the assembly to prevent flasher lights and blinking. We offer high quality light resistors and adapters to get the job done with ease. If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle’s factory set bulbs to HID or LED lights, you may have come across the term 'CANbus control unit', 'resistor' or 'adapter'. If you are not sure what it means, then this page can be of great help. A CANbus control unit is a small power adapter system. It needs to be installed between the light bulb and the electrical wiring system of your vehicle. It is a type of resistor that controls the power flow from the vehicle’s electric system to the bulb. LED bulbs use a lower wattage of power than other types of bulbs used in automobiles. The CANbusresistor helps reduce the current supply to a safe level that can be used by the bulb without causing any damage to it. The controller ensures that your vehicle’s power system doesn't bring up any error messages on the dashboard monitor and the LED bulb works as expected.

Vehicle CANbus System

CANbus is an abbreviation of 'CAN bus' which is short for Control Area Network bus.It is an electrical hub that improves communication with different components of the vehicle. The CANbus is also connected to other systems of your vehicle and reports errors with them on the dashboard. For example, the CANbus controller identifies and reports errors with your vehicle’s brake system so that you can get them corrected.

Why You Need Light Adapters for Your Vehicle

When you change your lights to LEDs or even HID, their power input differs from the original ones that came with your vehicle. The difference in consumption will be detected by your CANbus system and it will interpret this as a fault with the lights. This will trigger it as an error message on your display. The CANbus judges the functionality of you vehicle’s bulbs on the basis of power they consume. While this is useful under normal circumstances, the problem occurs when the bulbsare changed to LED. For instance, if your standard halogen headlight bulb runs on 35 watts, a replacement LED headlight bulb may run on wattage between 7w to 20w. This power input is significantly lower than your CANbuscontroller expects and it raises an error alert on the system. The CANbus will also try to restart the bulb, supply more power to it or cut it down abruptly. This is what causes blinking and flasher lights with the LED bulb.

Light Resistor and Adapter Functions

Power control is one of the most common problems faced by drivers looking to upgrade to an LED or HID bulb from a factory built stock halogen light. While there is a wide selection of stylish, bright and colorful LED bulbs you can buy, you won’t achieve the desired result if power supply to the bulb isn’t regulated correctly. Your vehicle’s wiring and electrical system can cause some serious problems with your newly installed LED lights. You will need to put a CANbus resistor in place to prevent the lights from blinking unexpectedly or any warning signs to display on the monitor. The CANbus adapter also extends the life of your LED light bulbs by regulating electricity to them efficiently. Although different brands and fitting sizes vary, a CANbusresistor generally comes as a small adapter attached to a cable. This small unit is installed between your vehicle's wiring and the LED bulb. The CANbusresistor intercepts and increase the draw of electrical current from the battery whilst still supplying a lower charge to the upgraded bulb. Due to this function of the resistor, the CANbus system detects that the power draw to the bulb is in the normal range and doesn't trigger any error messages.

Where Do You Use Light Resistors?

CANbus resistors and adaptors can be used for all bulb upgrades to HID or LED lights. They are used when you retrofit your headlamps, turn signals, tail lights, fogs or side lights to more advanced technology. At Xenon Depot, we offer high quality resistors and adapters that will prevent your control system from generating incorrect errors and also help enhance the life of your new HID or LED bulbs. Need guidancefor buying appropriate HID & LED adapters for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!