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Halogen Bulbs

Halogen Bulbs remain the popular choice for many drivers and car manufacturers. Most new vehicles come equipped with halogen headlightsand other light fixtures from the factory. They’re inexpensive compared to LEDs and HIDs and get the job done quite nicely. Drivers must have good, decent headlights on their vehicle that are bright and reliable enough to light up even the darkest of nights. A pair of good quality headlights can make a real difference when it comes to driving safely on the road. Halogen bulbs and lights are a trusted option and many drivers continue to choose Halogen bulbs despite the popularity of LEDs of Xenon Lights. Halogen bulbs offer an acceptable level of brightness, and in some cases, they are the only option due to regulations. When used in high beams, Halogen bulbs do not cause glare for oncoming vehicles like HID bulbs. They are also easy to replace and require almost no conversion or retrofit upgrades, in most vehicles.

How Do Halogen Bulbs Work?

Halogen light bulbs are based on a technology that has been tried and tested for a long time. These bulbs have a tungsten filament attached to the based. When electricity flows through the filament, it creates a small spark. The filament is covered with a glass casing made of quartz. The bulb is filled with halogen gas that heats up when the spark is lit up. The spark combines with the halogen gas to create a substantial amount of light for very little energy input. Halogen bulbs tend to become quite hot to touch and energy conversion to light is not very efficient. However, the bulbs are very easy and cheap to produce, making them very low cost compared to other varieties of automotive light bulbs. Halogens generally produce a bright yellow light that is similar to the sunlight during the day. They are great for use in headlights and also used in other lighting systems including tail lights, turn signals and fogs.

Factors to Consider with Halogen Bulbs

The light produced by a bulb relative to its power input isknown as its luminous efficiency. The efficiency is measured bycomparing the amount of light produced in lumens to the amount of electrical power consumed by the bulb. Halogen light bulbs have a luminous efficiency of only 2% – 4%. This is better than most other bulbs in the market, but not as good as HIDs or LED bulbs. In most parts of the world, the power of bulbs you can use in your vehicle is limited from a legal perspective. This is because using strong projector lights can cause a glare which can blind the driver or others around them. Usually, bulbs are specified to remain in the 30W – 60W range. Bulbs are identified based on the amount of power that they draw to create light. With limitations on the power input, improvements to a light bulb most take place by increasing its luminous efficiency. Greater efficiency of LED and HID bulbs is what makes them brighter than halogens as they are 5 to 10 times more efficient than halogens. Better efficiency reduces power draw and also makes those bulbs last longer.

So Why Are Halogens Still Popular

If you look at the vehicles today, more than 60% drivers still use Halogen bulbs in their headlights while almost 90% use halogens in other lighting components of their rides. It can be surprising why vehicle owners and manufacturers still continue with Halogen bulbs despite better efficiency offered elsewhere. The answer is simplicity itself. Halogen bulbs main redeeming feature is that they are very simple to install and cost very little. They also produce a decent amount of lighting, not as bright as HID or LED lights, but still enough to drive with ease in urban areas. Halogens do not require a fancy setup or ballast regulators like HID and LED lights. No fancy electronic hardware or circuits are needed to keep the bulbs functional. All you need are just straight wires connecting everything that supply power to the lights. There’s no flickering or strange light emission by the bulb. If the bulb stops workingit’s usually because the filament is damaged and you can replace it in $20 or less. This simplicity helps keep its cost low and Halogen bulbs remain popular with car owners.

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