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Wholesale is a big part of what we do. Partner with the best brands in automotive lighting.

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Represent the best. We know it's easy to find a source for your HID and LED lighting upgrades — but we also know you're tired of troubleshooting. Tired of cars coming back for a fix. Tired of customer service calls all related to premature failure from the cheaper alternatives you've been using.

If you operate an Auto Electric Repair Shop, Automotive Stereo and Electronics Installation business, a Body Shop, Parts Store, or otherwise sell and/or install OEM or aftermarket automotive equipment, Xenon Depot can supply you with state-of-the-art HID and LED headlight kits, replacement bulbs, and other lighting components to get your product line quickly up to speed on the latest and greatest.

If you want to be the new go-to-guy in town for performance lighting, then you want to be a XD Dealer.

Use the form to apply, or feel free to call or email if you'd like additional info.

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