Fog Light Protection Film

Lamin-X Fog Light Film


PART #: 2 x LF50


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Product Details

Lamin-X: Is renowned for being the market leader in films designed for use in automotive lighting. Local to XD, we're proud to offer Lamin-X fog light film as an accessory for our selection of LED fog lights!

Wear n Tear:: Made of a very thick UV-resistant yellow translucent vinyl material, this stuff is as good as it comes for fog light protection. It should not wear and tear easily, if at all! (and the same goes for your fog lights with them installed!)

Fog Lights: Speaking of fog lights, did you know that yellow fog light covers actually cut through fog, snow, rain, and dust more effectively than white light - which tends to just reflect off of those particles? It's not just for looks!

Fitments: Sizes include every Morimoto XB LED fog light, which means they also can work on a lot of stock fog light housings too!

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • FILM COVERS: 2x Yellow Lamin-X

  • WARRANTY: Manufacturer-Direct 5 Year

  • Compatibility

  • MORIMOTO XB FOGS: All Models (See drop down in listing for "Type")

  • OEM FOGS: Those that are the same as Morimoto models

  • Tech Specs

  • PROTECTION: From rocks, chips, and UV damage

  • SELF-ADHESIVE: Includes clear adhesive

  • LONGEVITY: Film lasts 5+ Years

  • STYLE: Yellows outcoming light from housing

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