Lexus IS 250/350 Lighting

Lexus IS 250/350 Forward Lighting Information

2016-2017 Lexus IS250 / IS200t / IS 350 Forward Lighting

For the IS250, the 2016 models are now called IS200t and still use those same D4S HID bulbs to run both the High and Low Beam headlights together. You can see our vehicle-specific 2016 Lexus IS200t HID Bulbs Pak with all the D4S options, but any other forward lighting is all factory LED at this point, so you do not have aftermarket replacements available. There is no 2017 model yet to work with, but maybe Lexus will bring these back someday.

For the IS350, the 2016 models are also set up with the factory HID headlights - check out the vehicle-specific 2016 Lexus IS350 HID Bulbs Pak, but much like the IS200t, everything else is LED from the factory. The 2017 models even have factory LED headlights, so upgrades are out of your hands - not that you’ll need them!

2006-2015 Lexus IS250 / IS 350 Forward Lighting

Lexus introduced the second generation IS in 2005 as a preconstruction model at the New York Auto Show. The second generation IS was available as a Lexus IS250 or a Lexus IS350, both of which were sedans. In 2008 Lexus introduced the IS as an IS-F which featured a high performance 417 hp engine.

Lexus IS250 / IS350 9005 High beam / DRL bulbs

All of the IS sedans utilize the same types of bulbs for both the low beams and high beams. In all three cases, a 9005 halogen bulb is used as the high beam / DRL (daytime running light) bulb. A 9005 bulb is a right angle HB3 bulb that connects to a P20d base. All factory specification 9005 halogen bulbs are rated at 65W, 12.8 Volts, 5.09 Amps, and are clear in color. Unfortunately, many Lexus IS owners are dissatisfied with the color of the 9005 bulb and are always looking for ways to improve the color. While we do not recommend upgrading high beams to HID with a 9005 HID kit, we certainly suggest you consider a high quality Philips crystal vision 9005 bulb, or a 9005 Osram Nightbreaker plus halogen bulb. These performance 9005 halogen bulbs are street legal, 9005 bulbs that will offer a whiter, and brighter light output then the stock 9005 bulb. However, if you want to best color match your Lexus IS’ HID headlamp, we suggest you look at the 9005 XenonDepot LED bulbs featuring high performance CREE LED diodes. XenonDepot 9005 LED bulbs are available both in 5000k and 6000k. These LED bulbs are are designed to have radially mounted LEDs for maximum light spread, and their aluminum body helps with heat dissipation. Just like the performance halogen bulbs, 9005 LED bulbs come with a right angle HB3 base so that installation is as easy as simply replacing a bulb.

Lexus IS250 / IS350 D4S HID Low beam bulbs

Lexus IS250 / IS350 headlights come with an optional low beam HID headlamp that used a D4S HID bulb. In 2006, Lexus was one of the first manufacturers to offer an environmentally friendly D4S Xenon bulb. Just like a D2S HID bulb, D4S HID bulbs connect to a P32d base, however the base is keyed slightly different. D4S HID bulbs are mercury free xenon bulbs that are rated at 35W, 0.83 Amps, and 42 Volts. XenonDepot carries Philips 4300k D4S HID bulbs, and 6000k D4S Ultinon 42402WX HID bulbs. XenonDepot is an authorized Philips dealer, so you can count on the D4S Philips HID bulbs that we sell being genuine. The market is flooded with replica / fake Philips HID bulbs, so make sure you purchase your bulbs from a trusted source. We also carry XenonDepot brand D4S HID bulbs that are available in different color temperatures such as D4S 5000k HID, D4S 6000k HID, and D4S 8000k HID for those wanting really blue headlights. Remember – the higher the color temperature (Kelvin), the less useable light is going to shine on the road - until now.

XenonDepot now carries Osram CBI D4S HID bulbs which produce up to 5500k (kelvin), and actually increase light output by up to 20%. That's right, D4S CBI (cool blue intense bulbs) will get you that luxurious blue output that you've been wanting, without compromising any light output at all. Do not hesitate to try out 66440 CBI bulbs!

Lexus IS250 / IS350 H11 Low Beam headlight bulbs

Xenon headlights were an option on the IS sedan, so for those people that did not opt for the Xenon Headlights, the car came with halogen headlights that used an H11 halogen bulb for the low beams. An H11 headlight bulb is a right angle prefocus bulb that connects into a PGJ19-2 base. It is rated at 55 Watts, 4.17 Amps, and 13.2 Volts. H11 halogen bulbs are approximately 6.7cm long and 1.08cm wide. The IS250 / IS350 halogen headlight utilized a quality projector headlight just like the optional Xenon headlight making an H11 HID kit a fantastic lighting upgrade. Projector headlights provide a sharp cut off, and the laser aligned H11 HID bulbs will replicate this beam pattern. While the H11 HID bulbs will plug into your headlights with no modifications, the IS headlights have a dust cover on the back of the headlights which will need to be slightly modified so as to run the wire between the H11 HID bulb and ballast. XenonDepot HID kits will come with a grommet that will enable you to reseal your headlights against any moisture.

Lexus IS250 / IS350 194,T10 Parking Light bulbs

168 incandescent wedge bulbs are used as the parking light bulb within the headlight. A 168 bulb is a clear, wedge bulb that connects to a W2.1X9.5d base. It is roughly 2.69cm long, and 1.02cm wide. It is rated at 14 Volts, 0.35A, and 4.9 Watts. Based on these specifications, you can utilize a 194 LED replacement bulb in it’s place if you would like to upgrade your parking light bulbs to have a crisper, whiter output. XenonDepot carries high quality Philips T10, 168 LED bulbs that will be a direct upgrade for your factory 168 incandescent bulb.