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Jeep Cherokee (KL) Forward Lighting Information

2017-2018 Jeep Cherokee (KL) Lighting

There are no changes with the lighting when going from the 2016 Jeep Cherokee to the 2017 Jeep Cherokee or 2018 Jeep Cherokee, but you can now find our vehicle-specific 2017 Jeep Cherokee HID Bulbs Pak, which has all of our D3S factory HID options (which are also useable for your 2018 Cherokee) if you have that lighting package. We have some great new D3S bulb options that have come out recently, like the Philips D3S Xtreme Vision Gen 2 (rated 4800K, comparable output to a 4300K stock bulb), the Philips D3S White Vision Gen 2 (rated 5000K, comparable output to the 4300K stock bulbs), and the Osram D3S CBB - Cool Blue Boost (rated up to 7000K and 3000 lumens, still very close to what a stock 4300K bulb puts out in terms of light on the road, but much cooler colour). All of those make great options for a lighting upgrade from your factory bulbs.

If you have the factory halogens, you will want our vehicle-specific
2017 Jeep Cherokee HID kit, which comes packed with a pair of the PWM anti-flicker modules described below, so you can avoid flickering problems. Last but not least, you can upgrade your PSX24W Fog Lights with some of ourPSX24W LED CMB Bulbs (available in 5000K and 6000K). These will give you a bit more light than your stock bulbs, but the CMBs are more of a Cosmetic item for colour-matching purposes than anything else.

2016 Jeep Cherokee (KL) Lighting

Update March 2018: A helpful bit of advice for anyone looking to upgrade the lighting on their 2016 Cherokee - make sure to check the bulb type first! There was a mid-year manufacturing change for the 2016 models - the earlier ones use 9012/HIR2 bulbs (like the previous few years) and the later ones use 9005/HB3 bulbs (like the 2017s). While the two bulb types are very similar, they are not interchangeable.

You can pull out a bulb to check, or try looking at the lens on the front of your vehicle. You should be able to see the type of bulb written or etched into the bottom of the lens. This quick check can save you a lot of hassle down the line if you get something and find out it will not be compatible with your headlights.

Update April 2016: In the past (as you will see below), when upgrading the Jeep Cherokee (KL) headlights with an HID Kit, a Load Resistor had to be used along with a Relay Harness in order to prevent any "error codes" from popping up on the dash. Basically, an HID kit would not function properly without the use of a Load Resistor. While Load Resistors work, they get really hot, which means that you have to be ultra careful about where you mount them.

Luckily, XenonDepot developed the Jeep Cherokee PWM HID kit module. This little black box has been especially tailored for the Jeep Cherokee KL, and allows you to install our popular Xtreme HID kit with no additional wiring and/or resistors. You literally just need to plug the PWM box in between the factory headlight harness and the ballast - that's it! No additional relay harnesses, no additional "canbus" components, no additional resistors - simply plug and play.

XenonDepot's Cherokee KL PWM module does not get hot, and is completely sealed. It has been tested to work successfully on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, the 2015 Jeep Cherokee, and the 2016 Jeep Cherokee - and it works!

While not much may have changed from an aesthetic standpoint between the 2015 Jeep Cherokee and the 2016 Jeep Cherokee, Jeep decided to change at least two things relating to the headlights. The first thing that changed is that the 2016 Jeep Cherokee now uses a 9005 halogen bulb, which means that you would need to order a 9005 HID kit if you wanted to upgrade the lights to HID. The second thing that changed is that a standard resistor is not going to be sufficient to ensure the HID kit functions properly. You have to select the "with CANBUS" option in order to ensure that the lights function properly. Without choosing this option, you will not get all the necessary components to ensure the lights function right. Just like before, if you've got a 2016 Jeep Cherokee and you are looking for the brightest possible output, we strongly suggest going with a 4300k 9005 HID Kit, as the higher kelvin kits simply produce more color but less useable light.

2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee (KL) Lighting

Jeep finally did it and brought back the "Jeep Cherokee" - it's about time!. Chrysler brought the Cherokee back as a mid-size crossover in 2014 and was cross developed with Chrysler's new owner - FIAT.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee was introduced with several different trim options - base Sport FWD, Latitude FWD, Trailhawk 4x4, and the top-of-the-line Limited FWD. Different trim models came with different trim options with respect to the Cherokee's headlights. Unfortunately, the popular Cherokee Trailhawk was not available with factory HID headlights as an option from the manufacturer. The Trailhawk was equipped with nice projector headlights, but HIDs / Xenon headlights were simply not an option on the vehicle. The non-HID or halogen Cherokee projector headlights use a halogen 9012 bulb to function both as Low and High Beam. There is a moving shield within the projector that moves when the driver switches between Low and High Beam; this changes the light pattern to accomplish both Low and High Beam functionality from a single bulb.

We all know that the difference between halogen lighting and Xenon/HID lighting is huge, so if you're looking to upgrade your Cherokee's stock headlights to HID then you would need to get a 9012 HID kit - a direct replacement for the stock 9012 halogen bulb. Unfortunately, the 2014 Cherokee is uber sensitive to modifications, and an HID kit's low draw will set off a "low beam error code" or "bulb out indicator" error on the dash. To solve this pesky issue, you're going to need to trick the Cherokee's computer by using an HID Kit Electrical Load Resistor. When used in combination with the Relay Harness that comes included in the Xtreme HID kit you will experience ZERO error codes or errors from popping up. Be careful, though! These resistors really heat up, so you need to make sure you're mounting them accordingly. You absolutely have to use a relay harness in combination with the load resistors when upgrading the lights on your Cherokee Trailhawk's headlights!

If you didn't get the Trailhawk, and got the 2014 or 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited, then you must have the factory HID/Xenon headlights. While the OEM HID headlights may be bright, many people often find the stock 4300k colour temperature to be dull and yellowish. As a result, Philips and XenonDepot have come out with 5000k D3S HID bulbs and 6000k D3S HID bulbs. These OEM replacement D3S bulbs are an easy swap for your cherokee's D3S HID bulb - a simple plug and play upgrade. Going with higher Kelvin (colour temperature) D3S bulbs gets you more colour and less yellow! Generally speaking, going with a 6000k D3S 42403WX Ultinon bulb gets you LESS light output then your stock D3S 4300k bulbs (less lumens), but these all new D3S Philips X-tremeVision Gen 2 bulbs get you more colour (4800K) and NO light loss - cosmetic and functional upgrades. You can also look at the D3S Philips WhiteVision Gen 2 bulbs.

While the headlight bulbs on the various 2014 and 2015 Cherokee models may be different, Jeep stayed consistent with a 2504 bulb - can be interchanged with a PSX24W bulb - for the Fog Lights. A PSX24W halogen bulb is a low wattage 24W bulb with an PGU20-7 IEC base. While we do carry replacement PSX24W halogen bulbs, the XenonDepot PSX24W LED bulbs have been tremendously popular! They feature high quality CREE LED diodes, and are readily available in both 5000k and 6000k colour temperature. The 2014 Cherokee has awesome LED strips for the DRL (daytime running lights), and these PSX24W LED bulbs are a perfect match!!

If you are looking for other lamp replacement information for your 2014-2018 Jeep Cherokee, you can take a look at our vehicle lighting guides below: