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Honda Ridgeline Forward Lighting Information

2018 Honda Ridgeline Forward Lighting

The 2018 Honda Ridgeline is the newest entry in the second generation of production, and has made a few changes to trim levels. In addition, some trims will now have LED Headlight options. We look forward to being able to recommend the best HID and LED lighting upgrade options, so keep an eye on our Vehicle Lighting Guide for lamp replacement information when it becomes available.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Forward Lighting

Finally, it’s back on North American soil! Honda introduced the all-new 2017 Honda Ridgeline at the North American International Auto show after a 2-year hiatus. Fortunately, Honda did away with the old-school headlights that used a single H4 headlight bulb for both Low and High Beams. The 2017 Honda Ridgeline headlights now feature a projector headlight for the vehicle’s low beams, making it a perfect candidate for an HID or LED kit upgrade! The 2017 Ridgeline projector headlights produce an extremely sharp cut-off, which will be replicated when upgraded to HID or LED!

Like many other vehicles in the Honda family, the 2017 Ridgeline uses an H11 halogen bulb for the Low Beams. Choosing between an H11 HID kit and an H11 LED PRO kit for your Ridgeline really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. An H11 HID kit will get you the brightest possible light output (depending on what kelvin/color temperature you go with). For example, an H11 4300k HID kit mated with the Ridgeline’s projector headlights will get you the brightest, whitest, and most OEM functionality. Going with a higher kelvin Ridgeline H11 HID kit will get you more color, but less light output; the higher you go in terms of kelvin, the less actual useable light output you’re going to get. Generally speaking, all vehicles equipped with factory-HID headlights use 4300k bulbs for maximum light output (Honda is no exception). XenonDepot’s H11 Xtreme HID kit feature our OEM grade low-draw HID ballasts, that can safely be powered directly from the Ridgeline’s OEM headlight harness. The fact that they are low draw means that you don’t need to use any additional relay harnesses or run any wires to the battery. The kit will literally come with a plug that connects to your Ridgeline’s OE headlight harness on one end, and to our ballast on the other – completely plug+play. Furthermore, you won’t run the risk of damaging your headlight harness because of the low draw. There are H11 HID kits out there that come with ballasts that draw a significant amount of power when first turned on (way more than a stock H11 halogen headlight bulb). These ballasts can potentially damage the stock Honda headlight harness, so make sure you understand what you’re installing in your brand new vehicle, and ask the right questions ahead of time!

Now that we’ve talked about ballast draw, let’s talk about HID bulb quality. The first thing to keep in mind is that you DON’T want to install a 55W kit into your brand new 2017 Ridgeline projectors. Vendors selling 55W HID kits typically hype the product up by telling you that it’s going to be brighter and your best option for light output. Even worse, you may find a fellow Ridgeline owner raving about their new 55W HID kit without any knowledge of what they’ve actually purchased.

Here’s the real deal about H11 55W HID kits: vendors that sell 55W HID kits mate 55W ballasts with 35W-HID bulbs. You’re probably asking yourself “so what?” Well… overdriving a bulb means that you’re causing it to burn hotter – hotter than it was designed to burn. This means that you’re going to cause your HID bulb to burn out prematurely (for sure), and the additional heat could potentially damage your brand-new OEM Ridgeline projector headlights – which won’t be cheap. Aside from just burning hotter, HID bulbs emit a large amount of UV light, which means that if the HID bulbs that you’re installing are not made of the right glass, you’re going to damage the inside of your projectors – permanently. This is precisely why XenonDepot Xtreme HID kits are only available in 35W. Furthermore, the OEM quality HID bulbs that are used in XenonDepot HID kits are made from UV-quartz glass, which means that they filter out the harmful UV light, and ensure your vehicle’s headlights will not get damaged.

We’re certainly not the only company out there that uses quality components, but you’re going to find that most HID kits in the market don’t, and the vendors that are selling them typically have very little understanding - if any - of what they’re actually selling. Do yourself (and your vehicle) a favor, and do a little homework before pulling the trigger on an H11 HID kit for your 2017 Ridgeline – ask some questions in advance of buying.

Now that you’ve spent some time reading about upgrading your Ridgeline’s headlights to HID, let’s talk about upgrading them to LED with an H11 LED conversion kit. Let’s get this out of the way right of the bat: “DO NOT FALL FOR GIMMICKY LUMENS CLAIMS.” You’re going to find vendors selling Ridgeline LED kits with insanely high lumens claims. All they’re doing is taking the maximum theoretical lumens claim that the chip/diode manufacturer claims per watt, and multiplying it by the number of watts that the LED bulb is rated for. What they’re missing (and probably don’t even know) are the following:

  • (1) When manufacturers provide lumens/watt ratings, the number is often followed by a whole bunch of exclamation marks that no one bothers to read, but they often mention that the claims are based on “laboratory conditions” and "for no longer then a certain period of time.”
  • (2) LED drivers limit how much current is actually fed to the LED chips, so just because an H11 LED bulb is rated at a certain wattage, doesn’t mean that you can calculate the lumens by multiplying the lumens/watt by the number of watts that the product is rated for.

You’re probably reading all of this and saying “so what do I get? LED or HID for my 2017 Honda Ridgeline??” Well, if you’re looking for the best light output, then the answer is easy – go with an H11 HID kit (and don’t let anyone else tell you any different). If you’re not necessarily looking for a “huge” increase in light output, but want something to better match the new 2017 Ridgeline LED strips, then go with a quality H11 LED kit. XenonDepot’s Xtreme H11 LED kit will produce more light output then your stock H11 halogen bulb and they feature Philips LumiLED LED diodes that produce a crisp 5500-5700k-color temperature. They also feature a flexible heatsink, which means that you can easily install these H11 LED bulbs in your Ridgeline, without having to worry about whether a large heatsink is going to get in the way. The flexible heatsink is also far superior to models using fans to cool the bulb down. These fans are audible (you can hear them), and ask yourself whether you want fans cooling your headlights...enough said.

Now what do you do about the fog lights on your 2017 Ridgeline? Well, the stock fog light bulb on the 2017 Ridgeline is an H8 halogen bulb. Here is some information about H8 halogen bulbs

  • 2017 Honda Ridgeline fog lamp / light bulb : H8
  • Xtreme LED PRO H8 Fog light Kit: 2017 Honda Ridgeline LED Fog light bulb
  • IEC Base type: PGJ19-1
  • Base type: Right Angle Prefocus, H8
  • Filaments: CC-8
  • H11 bulb length: 6.7cm
  • H11 bulb width: 1.08cm
  • Volts: 13.2
  • Amps: 2.73A
  • Watts: 35W

As per the specs we posted above, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline uses a 35W H8 halogen bulb for the fog lights. For this application we really recommend going with a quality LED bulb as opposed to an HID kit. Installing an HID kit in your Fog Lights is going to be really, really bright – and potentially disruptive to other drivers. Furthermore, a 35W HID kit is going to burn significantly hotter then a 35W halogen bulb – so you may run the risk of damaging your stock fog light housings due to heat. The H8 Xtreme LED PRO kit is going to be an excellent color match for the stock DRL strips, and the OEM LED headlights (assuming you’ve got the 2017 Ridgeline OEM LED headlights). XenonDepot’s H8 Xtreme LED kits feature Philips LumiLEDs because we care most about beam patterns and light output. Compared to other LED fog light bulbs that use Cree chips, the LumiLEDS' smaller footprint and un-domed design provide superior optical precision – which means that light is going where it needs to go and best mimics the beam pattern of a halogen H8 fog light bulb. Look no further if you’re looking for the best H8 LED fog light bulb for your 2017 Honda Ridgeline.

Now that we’ve sorted out the low beams, and fog lights on the 2017 Ridgeline, let’s take a look at the High Beam bulb – which is 9005. 9005 headlight bulbs are very commonly used as High Beam bulbs across many makes and models.

Here is some information about Ridgeline 9005 High beam bulbs:

  • 2017 Ridgeline High beam bulbs: 9005
  • Corresponding 9005 Replacement bulbs Kit: 9005 Bulbs
  • IEC Base type: P20d
  • Base type: Right Angle Prefocus, HB3
  • Filaments: C-8
  • 9006 bulb length: 7.8cm (3.07")
  • 9006 bulb width: 1.07cm (0.42")
  • Volts: 12.8
  • Amps: 5.08
  • Watts: 65

We don’t suggest upgrading 9005 high beam bulbs to HID using a 9005 HID conversion kit. We don’t recommend this upgrade because HID bulbs go through a warm-up period when first turned on, and if you’re driving your Ridgeline and require a “quick burst” of light from your HID High Beams, you’re going to be waiting for a bit until they reach their maximum light output. However, XenonDepot does have some awesome 9005 Xtreme LED PRO headlight bulbs that provide 1750 lumens - instantly. They're literally “plug n’ play", and are a direct replacement for your stock Ridgeline 9005 high beam bulbs. They serve as both a functional High Beam upgrade (instant bright light), and a cosmetic upgrade to boot!

We also carry a large variety of performance halogen bulbs if you’re looking for a halogen bulb replacement – although you’re never going to color match halogen to HID or LED.

We have a great DIY 2017 Ridgeline headlight upgrade review to share with you, and we have had quite a few customers purchase our products specifically for this vehicle with fantastic results. We’re always upgrading our automotive HID and LED reviews page, so check back often to see more!

2006-2014 Honda Ridgeline Forward Lighting

There really weren’t many changes to the headlights for the 2006-2014 Honda Ridgeline; the truck used a very common H4 / 9003 halogen bulb for the entire period. H4 halogen bulbs have two filaments, one for the Low Beam and one for the High Beam. The Low Beam filament is rated at 55W, whereas the High Beam filament is rated at 60W. In the past, people used to upgrade H4 headlight bulbs with performance halogen bulbs, or even bi-xenon H4 HID kits. However, with the advancement of LED technology, we strongly suggest going with the Xtreme LED PRO H4 Headlight kit. This will be the best H4 LED headlight bulb in the market if you’re looking to upgrade the headlight bulbs on your previous generation Honda Ridgeline. At this time, there are only two H4 LED headlight bulbs that do a proper job replicating an H4 halogen bulb beam pattern – the Philips H4 Xtreme Ultinon LED bulb, and the Xtreme LED PRO H4 headlight bulb. They both use high quality Philips LumiLEDs diodes, which are positioned in a way so that they mimic a halogen filament. The 2004-14 Ridge line reflective headlights don’t have as sharp of a cutoff as the 2017 Ridgeline, so you really want to be careful with what you’re installing in the headlights to prevent excess glare – i.e.: we wouldn’t recommend going with an HID kit for this application.

XenonDepot has all different types of H4 lighting upgrades to replace the Ridgeline headlight bulb. We carry H4 performance bulbs made by Osram, Philips, and Nokya. Alternatively, we carry H4 LED headlight kits and HID conversion kits if you’re looking for maximum light output. Check out our large selection of H4 Bulbs to find the best upgrade for your Honda Ridgeline.

H4 headlight bulbs are also referred to as 9003 bulbs. Here are some H4 bulb specifications:

  • Honda Ridgeline Headlight Bulb: H4
  • Corresponding LED Kit: H4 Xtreme LED PRO Kit
  • H4 bulb width: 1.65cm (0.65")
  • Volts: 12/12
  • Amps: 5/4.58
  • Watts: 60/55
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  • Another bulb to consider for the Honda Ridgeline is the Fog Light bubs. For all 8 years Honda chose to use an H11 55W halogen bulb as the Fog Light bulb for the Ridgeline. If you’re getting the H4 Xtreme LED PRO kit for the headlights, then definitely check out the H11 Xtreme LED PRO kit as a Fog Light upgrade. You’ll get more light output than stock, a much better color, and a perfect match for your new LED Honda Ridgeline headlights!