Honda Civic Forward Lighting

Honda Civic Forward Lighting Information

2016-2018 Honda Civic Forward Lighting

The 2016-2018 Honda Civic models are back to using one standard of bulbs for forward lighting: H11 for the Low Beams, 9005 for the High Beams, and H8 for the Fog Lights. You can get an H11 HID Kit to brighten up your driving - check out the Philips 4300K upgrade bulbs for the brightest, whitest, most OEM HID look. Your High Beams will look great with a 9005 Xtreme LED PRO Headlight Kit, and if you want to replace your Fogs, you can either get an H8 Xtreme LED PRO Kit (for a brightness upgrade) or some H8 Xtreme LED CMB Fog Light Bulbs (for a plug and play replacement - available in 5000K and 6000K) for colour matching.

2015 Honda Civic Forward Lighting

The 2015 Honda Civic uses two different bulbs for the Low beams: the sedan uses a 9006 Low Beam headlight bulb, whereas the coupe uses an H11 headlight bulb for the Low Beams. Historically, there was no difference between the Civic headlight bulbs, regardless of whether you had a sedan or coupe.

If you've got a 2015 Civic coupe, and you're looking to upgrade your lighting, then check out XenonDepot's all new H11 LED PRO headlight kits. They use high-quality Philips LED diodes and provide instant-on functionality. They're rated at 1750 lumens per bulb - so not quite as bright as an HID kit, but they're still going to be brighter than your stock H11 halogen bulb. If you're wondering about the Fog Lights, the 2015 Civic coupe also uses an H11 bulb for the Fog Lights, meaning that you can match your Low Beams to your Fog Lights if you get either an H11 LED Kit or H11 HID Kit.

If you've got a 4 doors 2015 Civic sedan, then you're going to need to get something to upgrade your stock 9006 headlight bulb. Just like the coupe, you may want to check out XenonDepot's 9006 LED Headlight Kit and or a 9006 HID Kit. For the brightest possible output, we definitely suggest getting a 9006 HID kit for the Low Beams. The 2015 Honda Civic Sedan uses an H11 bulb for the Fog Lights, so you're going to need to get an H11 LED kit or HID kit if you want to upgrade the Fog Lights on your vehicle. An H11 HID kit may be too bright, because of the smaller Fog Light housing, but an H11 LED kit is definitely an awesome upgrade!

Both the 2015 Civic Sedan and Coupe (and all the respective sub-models: DX, EX, EX-L, HF, LX, LX-S, SE, Touring, and Si) use a 9005 bulb for the High Beam. If you're looking to upgrade this bulb, check out our large selection of 9005 bulbs (LED, halogen, and HID upgrade) to find the right bulb for your application.

Make sure to check out our 2015 Honda Civic Lamp Replacement Guide for a full bulb listing by 2015 Honda Civic sub-models

2014 Honda Civic Forward Lighting

The 2014 Honda Civic falls into the "9th generation Civic" classification, which started in 2011. Not much changed for the 2014 Honda Civic in terms of lighting (compared to 2013), however XenonDepot does have some awesome new LED bulbs to fit the Low Beam, Fogs, Turn Signal, and Brake Light bulbs on the 2014 Civic. New for this year are our 7443 Xtreme LED bulbs, available in White, Red, and Amber, for those of you wanting to upgrade the turn signal and brake lights on your 2014 Civic.

Another fantastic bulb to consider for the 2014 Civic fog lights are the Philips H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs - literally the best H11 LED bulbs in the market. If you're already got a Civic HID kit installed in the low beams, and want get your Fog Lights to match; look no further then the H11 Philips bulbs.

Make sure to check out our 2014 Honda Civic Lamp replacement guide for a full bulb listing by-sub model.

2004-2013 Honda Civic Forward Lighting

While the Honda Civic has received several different makeovers and changes between 2004 and 2013, Honda has chosen to use the same bulbs for the Low Beams, High Beams, and Fog Lights. Here is some information about the types of bulbs that the Civic is using for those of you that are planning on upgrading your Honda Civic’s lighting!

For the 2004-2013 year range, Honda chose to use two separate bulbs for the Low Beam and High Beam. A 9006 bulb was used for the Low Beams, a 9005 bulb was used for the High Beams, and an H11 bulb was used as the Honda Civic Fog Light bulb.

Here is some information about Civic 9006 low beam bulbs:

  • Civic Low beam bulbs: 9006
  • Corresponding HID Kit: 9006 HID Kit
  • IEC Base type: P22d
  • Base type: Right Angle Prefocus, HB4
  • Filaments: C-8
  • 9006 bulb length: 7.8cm (3.07”)
  • 9006 bulb width: 1.07cm (0.42”)
  • Volts: 12.8
  • Amps: 4.3
  • Watts: 55

Upgrading the Honda Civic Low Beam headlights to Xenon or HID with an HID kit is literally a plug and play upgrade – with a 9006 HID conversion kit. XenonDepot 9006 HID kits come with proper 9006 adaptors that will plug right into your Civic’s stock headlight harness – no wire splicing! The HID bulbs in the kit are laser aligned, and properly molded, so that they insert into the Civic’s headlights just like your stock 9006 halogen bulbs. While 9006 performance halogen bulbs are available in the market, they simply won’t give you the same increase in light output that a plug and play HID conversion kit will.

High beams: While you may be tempted to upgrade your high beams to HID or Xenon, we certainly do not recommend installing a 9005 HID kit in your Civic’s High Beam headlights for several reasons:

  • Daytime Running Lights: The Honda Civic typically uses the High Beam bulb as the Daytime Running Light – commonly referred to as DRL. Daytime running lights usually operate on reduced power, and HID ballasts require a stable 12V - which DRL cannot provide. As a result, if you install a 9005 HID conversion kit without taking this into consideration, you’ll end up with flickering High Beam HID lights in your Civic, which will burn out sooner rather than later.
  • Assuming you’ve figured out a way to get an HID kit to work as your Daytime Running Lights, or you’ve simply deactivate your Daytime Running Lights altogether, another issue with installing an HID kit for this application is warmup period. HID lights take approximately 25 seconds to warm up when first turned on, so if you’re driving your Honda Civic and need a quick burst of light from your HID High Beams, you’re not going to be happy with the delay in getting light output!

Here are some specifications about 9005 headlight bulbs, in case you’re curious:

  • Civic High beam bulbs: 9005
  • Corresponding HID Kit: 9005 HID Kit
  • IEC Base type: P20d
  • Base type: Right Angle Prefocus, HB3
  • Filaments: C-8
  • 9005 bulb length: 7.8cm (3.07”)
  • 9005 bulb width: 1.07cm (0.42”)
  • Volts: 12.8
  • Amps: 5.08
  • Watts: 65

So if we’ve turned you off purchasing a 9005 HID kit, but you still want to upgrade your Civic’s High Beam lights, check out these Osram 9005 Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs. These performance 9005 bulbs are street legal and are a great choice if you ‘re looking to get more light output out of your high beams – a simple bulb replacement. Or you can go with a 9005 Xtreme LED PRO Headlight Kit - just make sure to pick the 'with CANBUS' option to get the PWM anti-flicker modules you will need to prevent the flickering in DRL mode. Be aware, however, that the LEDs are not able to dim, so they will be on at full power in both High Beam and DRL modes.

Honda Civic Fog lights: The stock Honda Civic fog lights use an H11 halogen bulb. An H11 bulb is a single filament bulb, which twists into place using 3 tabs to lock it into place. Here are some H11 bulb specifications:

  • Honda Civic Fog Light Bulb: H11
  • Corresponding HID Kit: H11 HID Kit
  • IEC Base type: PGJ19-2
  • Base type: Right Angle Prefocus, H11
  • Filaments: C-8
  • H11 bulb length: 6.7cm (2.64”)
  • H11 bulb width: 1.08cm (0.43”)
  • Volts: 13.2
  • Amps: 4.17
  • Watts: 55

Thinking about upgrading your Civic’s fog lights to Yellow? Want to do this without using some sort of yellow laminate on your fog lights? Try out a 3000K yellow H11 HID kit for your Civic fog lights to get the brightest, and deepest yellow color – a simple plug and play upgrade. Alternatively, if you’ve already got an HID kit in your Civic’s headlights, and want to try and match your Fog Lights, check out the XenonDepot H11 LED bulbs for a solution that is a simple bulb replacement.

1992-2003 Honda Civic Forward Lighting

The 1994-2003 Honda Civics used a single dual-filament halogen bulb as the Low Beam and High Beam. The bulb is known as a 9003, or H4, bulb. Here are some H4 bulb specifications:

  • Honda Civic Headlight Bulb: H3
  • Corresponding HID Kit: H4 HID Kit
  • IEC Base type: P43t
  • Base type: Axial Prefocus, H4
  • Filaments: C-8/C-8
  • H4 bulb length: 9.2cm (3.62")
  • H4 bulb width: 1.65cm (0.65")
  • Volts: 12/12
  • Amps: 5/4.58
  • Watts: 60/55

1988-1991 Honda Civic Forward Lighting

Amazingly enough, Honda decided to use a two bulb headlight system back in 1998, when most manufacturers were still using single bulb setup - typically H4, 9004, or 9007 headlight bulbs. The 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1991 Honda Civic used a 9006 bulb for the Low Beams and a 9005 headlight bulb for the High Beams. These are the same bulbs that are now being used in the 2013 models! Upgrading 9006 headlight bulbs to HID is quite simple; all you need to do, is purchase a 9006 HID kit, and it’s literally a plug and play upgrade for the Civic headlights. We don’t typically recommend installing a 9005 HID kit in the High Beams, but if you’re looking for ways to get more light, go with high quality performance 9005 halogen bulbs.