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Honda Accord Forward Lighting Information

2018 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

The 2018 Honda Accord will be the first model year in its Tenth Generation of production, and some trim levels will come equipped with LED headlights. We are excited for these new Accords and to be able to offer you the best recommendations for HID and LED Kits, as well as other replacement bulbs, so keep an eye on our Vehicle Lighting Guide for lamp replacement information as it becomes available.

2017 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

The 2017 Accord models use the same type of forward lighting as the 2016s, so there are no major changes here. An H11 Xtreme HID Kit is still your best bet for a brightness upgrade - go with Philips 4300K bulbs for the brightest, whitest, most OEM HID lights. Your 9005 High Beams can be upgraded with a 9005 Xtreme LED PRO Headlight Kit. Make sure to get the “with Canbus” option if you have Daytime Running Lights sharing that High Beam bulb, so you can get a pair of our PWM anti-flicker modules to avoid any issues.

2016 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

The 2016 Honda Accord comes equipped with halogen projector headlamps that are just screaming for an HID kit! High quality construction and a sharp cut-off make this a "no-brainer" if you're thinking about installing an HID kit. The stock projectors use an H11 halogen bulb, which means you would need to order an H11 HID conversion kit. XenonDepot's H11 HID kit comes with high-quality UV quartz glass bulbs that have been laser aligned into an H11 base to ensure optically correct beam patterns. When choosing an aftermarket HID kit to upgrade the low beams on your 2016 Accord you're going to need to select a color temperature, or "Kelvin temperature". If you're looking for the brightest, whitest, and most OEM functionality then we always suggest going with 4300k. As you go higher in terms of color/kelvin, you get more color, but less actual light output. We've had many people contact us and inquire about retrofitting their stock headlights with OEM HID projectors for the best light output instead of using a plug and play HID kit. XenonDepot does carry the HID components you need if you're retrofitting your 2016 Accord's headlights ( D2S HID bulbs & D2S HID Ballasts), but take a moment to think about whether you want to start splitting your headlights apart and modifying them to accommodate different projectors. While the end result will be better, the real question is "How much better?", and "Is it worth the added cost, expense, and risk of damaging your brand new headlights -- which are not going got be cheap to replace?".

XenonDepot has an H11 Xtreme HID Kit that will come with everything you need to upgrade your Accord's lighting to HID. All you need to do is choose your color temperature that we discussed above. If you're looking to upgrade any other lighting on your 2016 Accord, then make sure to check-out our 2016 Accord Lamp replacement guide for a detailed list of the bulbs that the vehicle uses for the forward lighting, interior and courtesy lighting, and rear vehicle lighting.

2014-2015 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

The 2014 and 2015 Honda Accord forward lighting bulbs are very similar to the previous year's model (2013), with a few additions to the numbers sub-models - such as the Plug-in version. The most common Low Beam headlight bulb on the 2014 and 2015 Accord is an H11 bulb with projector headlamps. This setup is perfect for an H11 HID kit upgrade, as the factory projector Low Beams do a fantastic job keeping glare down to a minimum and provide a nice wide beam pattern. Definitely stick with a 4300k colour temperature if you're looking for the brightest, whitest, and most OEM HID functionality. Alternatively, you can always go with an H11 Xtreme LED PRO Headlight kit to upgrade the Low Beam headlights on your Accord. H11 LED headlight bulbs won't be as bright as an HID kit, but they will certainly be brighter than stock halogen bulbs, and provide an awesome color output. You also benefit from the "instant-on" functionality of LED bulbs, whereas H11 HID kits go through a warm-up when first ignited.

The 2015 Honda Accord uses an H8 halogen bulb for the fog lights. You can upgrade the Accord's fog lights with an HID kit, but take a look at this all new Philips H8 LED Fog Light Bulbs or our H8 Xtreme LED PRO Kit. H8 halogen bulbs share the same base as an H8, H11, and H16 halogen bulbs, meaning that the Philips H11 LED bulb can be installed in any of those 3 applications. Upgrading your 2014 Accord's Fog Lights with these LED bulbs will not only increase your light output, but it will be a simple and effective way of matching your Fog Lights' color to HID Low Beams or Accord LED headlights.

Another awesome upgrade to consider for your 2014 or 2015 Honda Accord is replacement LED turn, brake, or signal bulbs. Check out our 2014 Honda Accord HID / LED / bulb replacement guide to see a full list of the bulbs that are used in the 2014 Honda Accord and all of it's sub-models. If you've got a 2015 Honda Accord, then check out our 2015 Honda Accord Lamp Replacement guide for the bulbs that the 2015 Accord uses (which are pretty much the same as the 2014).

2013 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

For the ninth generation, the Honda Accord is also available as both a sedan and coupe. Both models use the same bulbs for the Low Beams, High Beams, and Fog Lights. An H11-55W Low Beam bulb combined with a projector headlamp makes an H11 HID kit the perfect choice for a Low Beam upgrade. Projector headlights provide a nice, clean cut-off, and when combined with our laser aligned HID kit bulbs, your factory beam pattern will remain just so. The 2013 Honda Accord uses an H8-35W bulb for the Fog Lights. H8 bulbs have a right angle prefocus base, and are rated at 35W. The 2013 Honda Accord Fog Light housings can accommodate either an H8 HID kit or H11 LED bulb as both H8 and H11 halogen bulbs use a PGJ19 base. As for the High Beam bulb, we do not suggest upgrading this bulb to Xenon / HID. However, we do carry high quality 9005 halogen bulbs by Philips, Osram, and Nokya.

2008-2012 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

The 2008-2012 Honda Accords are available as sedan and coupe models. Both the coupe and sedan utilize H11-55W halogen bulbs for the Fog Lights and 9005 halogen bulbs for the High Beams. However, the Accord sedan uses a 9006 bulb whereas the coupe uses H11-55W halogen bulbs for the Low Beams. Upgrading the Low Beam 9006 bulb with a 9006 HID kit is a simple, plug and play upgrade that resulted in a significant increase in light. The Accord coupe projector headlights using H11 bulbs produce an extremely sharp cut off that is perfect to be mated with an H11 HID kit. For those wanting the brightest possible Accord HID kit upgrade, we suggest looking at 4300k HID kits, as higher color temperature HID kits result in more color – but not as much useable light.

If you are upgrading the Low Beams on your Accord and are looking for the ideal fog light bulb to boot, we suggest looking at the H11 Xtreme LED CMB bulbs, which are available in both 5000k, and 6000k-color temperature and are rated at approximately 800 lumens. They will be a direct replacement for the factory H11 halogen bulb.

1990-2007 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

After 14 years of sealed beam housings, Honda introduced the Accord with replaceable halogen headlight bulbs. A 9006 halogen headlight bulb was used for the Low Beams, and a 9005 halogen headlight bulb was used for the High Beams. In 2006, the Accord came with optional Fog Lights that used an H11 halogen bulb.

9006 halogen bulbs are right angle bulbs that connect to a P22d base. They are rated at 55W and can be safely replaced with a 9006 HID Conversion Kit, for those wanting to upgrade the low beams on their Honda Accord. The 9006 High Beam bulbs in the Accord are 65W bulbs that connect into a P20d right angle base. Although we do carry 9005 HID kits, we typically do not suggest upgrading high beams to HID given that HID bulbs go through a warm up period when first turned on. Rather than upgrading the Accord High Beams with an HID kit, we suggest you look at some of the 9005 halogen bulbs that we carry, or a 9005 LED Kit for the whitest possible output. The optional Fog Lights on the 2006 and 2007 Honda Accord use H11 halogen bulbs. These bulbs connect to a PGJ19-2 base, and are rated at 55 Watts. H11 55W bulbs are single filament bulbs that can easily be replaced with an H11 HID Kit or H11 LED Kit.

1982-1985 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

The second generation Honda Accord came with newly designed rectangular H4656 and H4651 headlights. An H4656 headlight is a 4.76” wide headlight that has two 35W filaments – one for Low Beam and one for High Beam. This was used as the exterior Low Beam headlight for the Accord. The inner H4651 headlight was the High Beam bulb, which featured a single 50W filament. These headlights can also be referenced to as: H4651, H4652, H4656, H4666, H6545, HP4651, HP4656, HP4666, HP6545. Just like the earlier model Honda Accord, a burnt out filament resulted in an entire housing needing to be replaced.

1976-1981 Honda Accord Forward Lighting

The first generation Honda Accord came with 4 circular headlights known as H5006 for the Low Beams, and H5001 for the High Beams. H5006 headlights are sealed beam headlights that have 3 contact lugs. They measure 5.75” diameter and have two 35W filaments – 1 for Low Beam, and 1 for High Beam. These are positioned as the exterior round headlights on the Honda Accord. The inner headlights are the H5001 headlights. These headlights look identical to the exterior H5006 headlights, however they only have a single 50W filament for High Beam operation. Unfortunately, both the H5006 and H5001 headlights are “Sealed-beam” headlights, meaning that if a filament burns out you would need to replace the entire assembly. Fortunately, replacements H5006 / H5001 headlights available on the market now utilize a replaceable H4 halogen bulb. This means that next time a filament burns out, you would just need to replace the H4 bulb as opposed to the entire headlight. These headlights also enable you to install an H4 HID kit, for maximum light output.