Fire Truck / Pumper Lighting

Fire Truck LED Headlight Upgrade Information

A fire engine (aka fire apparatus, fire truck, or fire appliance) is a vehicle built for firefighting emergencies. In addition, many fire departments often utilize their fire trucks for various other uses such as emergency medical services and rescue operations. Emergencies can happen at any given time of day or night, which is why it’s important to equip fire trucks (pumpers, rescuers, tankers) with the best possible headlights available.

Many Fire Truck manufactures such as rosenbauer, Kovatch (KME), Fort Garry equip their trucks with halogen 4656 (4” X 6”) rectangular headlights – just like many freight tractor trailers. Halogen 4656 headlights are 4 inches tall, and 6 inches wide (100mm x 165mm). Fire trucks equipped with these headlights often have 2 exterior units to function as low beam headlights, and two interior units that function as high beams – to comply with road regulations. Older fire trucks came with sealed-beam H4656 headlights that made things a little more difficult if a headlight burnt out. Unfortunately, the headlight bulbs are not replaceable in 1A1 sealed beam headlights, meaning that the entire headlight assembly would need to be replaced in case of a burn out. 1A1 sealed beam headlights are only rated at 200-300 hours, so you can image that they do not last very long when installed on a fire engine, fire apparatus, or any sort of emergency vehicle that gets used quite regularly.

Fire trucks using Halogen 4656 (100mm headlights) or sealed beam H4656 headlights should count on having to replace or upgrade their headlights sooner then later, given that the filament inside the headlight housing is susceptible to burn out due to road vibrations – due to happen when a fire truck or fire engine is racing to the scene of an emergency. As a result, many fire departments are choosing to upgrade their fire trucks’ headlights to LED technology – the last thing you want is a burnout headlight while you’re speeding to save the day.

JW Speaker 8800 LED headlights are becoming increasingly popular as the best fire truck headlight upgrade, designed specifically for heavy-duty vehicles, emergency vehicles, commercial trucks, or any sort of vehicle that uses a 4 x 6 rectangular headlight. They literally double the amount of light output of stock 1A1 headlights (1890 lumens per headlight), are manufactured out of hard coated polycarbonate, and best of all utilize solid state LED diodes – which can withstand shock and vibration. Speaker 8800 LED headlights will literally be the last time you upgrade your fire truck’s headlights.

Speaker 8800 LED headlights come in two variations – 8800 Speaker LED low beam headlights, and 8800 Speaker LED high beam headlight. Generally speaking, most fire trucks, pumpers, engines, etc.. use a 4 headlight system which means that the truck is equipped with 2 low beam headlights, and two high beam headlights – two headlights per side. Speaker 8800 LED headlights ordered as low beam applications produce a low-beam road pattern that is street-legal, and complies with FMVSS108 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108) – They are DOT compliant. Speaker’s high-beam 8800 LED headlights produce a road-legal high-beam pattern that also complies with FMVSS108; which makes them a road-legal functional LED headlight upgrade for your fire truck application.

Here are some specifications on the Speaker 8800 LED fire truck headlight upgrade:

  • Increased light output and wider beam patterns
  • Hard coated Polycarbonate Lens – Very Durable
  • Solid state LEDs - not susceptible to damage by road vibrations
  • Plug+Play LED upgrade for 1A1, 4656, 100mm, 4x6 sealed beam headlights
  • Amperages: 2.25 Amps @ 12V DC
  • Raw Lumen Output: 1890 Lumen
  • Effective Lumen Output: 890 Lumen
  • DOT Compliant - Yes, they are street-legal LED Headlights
  • CMVSS108 & FMVSS108 compliant - Speaker 8800 LED headlights comply with Canadian and US Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Made in the USA

While we can’t list every single type of fire truck that speaker 8800 LED headlights will upgrade, here is a list of manufacturers that we’ve come up with that manufacturer their fire trucks, pumpers, engines, and rescue vehicles with headlights that can be upgraded with this product:

  • Rosenbauer America Fire Truck Headlight Upgrade
  • Spartan ERV Headlight Upgrade
  • Fort Garry Fire Trucks Headlight Upgrade
  • Hub Fire Engines Headlight Upgrade
  • Smeal Fire Pumpers and Aerials Headlight Upgrade
  • Pierce Manufacturing Ascendant Headlight Upgrade
  • Sutphen Industrial Fire Apparatus LED Headlight Upgrade
  • E-one pumpers LED Headlights
  • Safetek Fire Trucks Headlight Upgrade
  • Kovatch Mobile Equipment LED Upgrade
  • Carl Thibault Pumper LED headlights
  • Arnprior Fire Trucks LED Headlights

Remember, these fire truck LED headlights don’t only fit fire trucks, pumpers, or aerial vehicles. They will literally fit every single vehicle that uses a 4656 or 100mm sealed beam style headlight. Upgrade your truck’s lighting today with a Speaker LED headlight to improve your visibility, reduce maintenance, and make night-driving safer and easier.

Speaker 8800 LED headlights are 4" x 6" in size, and are designed to upgrade the following headlights: 1A1, 2A1, 100mm, 4656, H4651, and HP4651

Recently, Speaker introduced the 8800 4656 LED Headlight with a heated lens. LED diodes get hot, but all the heat is dissipated away from the LED itself -- leaving the headlight lens cold. This is not so much of an issue for fire trucks that generally have shorter commutes, however if you are installing these headlights in trucks, or city vehicles that have longer commutes, the snow can accumulate on the lense -- which will eventually decrease the light output as the snow builds up. A normal halogen bulb or sealed beam 4656 headlight housing that uses a halogen filament will get the lens warm, and cause the snow to melt, these LED headlights will not -- until now :) - smart thinking Speaker!