Chevrolet Silverado Lighting

Chevy Silverado Forward Lighting Information

2016 - 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Forward Lighting

January 2018 Update: The 2018 Chevrolet Silverado will be the last model year in the third generation of production, and it sounds like there are exciting changes coming in the fourth generation for the 2019 models. For the meantime, the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado uses all the same light bulbs as the 2016 and 2017s. This means your 2018 Silverado 1500 has all LED forward lighting, but your 2018 Silverado 2500 or 2018 Silverado 3500 can still use all the same upgrades as the 2016 and 2017 models.

For the 2016-2018 models, the Silverado 1500’s come equipped with Factory LED forward lighting, so there are no aftermarket replacements. The 2500’s and 3500’s, however, use the same setup as the earlier generations, so you have all the same options to choose from. Your H11 Low Beams can be replaced with an H11 Xtreme HID Kit - get the Philips 4300K bulbs for the brightest, whitest, most OEM lights you can get. Also make sure to get the "with CANbus" option for your Low Beams, as you will need the PWM anti-flicker modules to avoid issues with the lights. The 9005 High Beams can be upgraded with a 9005 LED Headlight Kit, for some crisp white 5500K-5700K lighting. You can also pair either of those up with some 5202 Xtreme LED CMB Fog Light Bulbs in 5000K (or 6000K) for colour-matching, because those low-wattage 5202 halogen bulbs are still in use here.

2007 - 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Forward Lighting

Although there have been some headlight modifications for these model years, the 2007-2015 Chevrolet Silverado vehicles all use the same bulbs for the Low Beams (H11LL), High Beams (9005LL), and Fog Lights (the low-wattage 5202 bulb). The only exception would be the 2007 Silverado, which also uses a 9006 headlight bulb for some sub-models.

You’ve got plenty of options if you’re looking at upgrading the Low Beam lighting on your Silverado, as H11 headlight bulbs are very common bulbs with lots of different replacement options. You’ve pretty much got the following choices to chose from:

If you’re looking for the brightest upgrade, then an H11 HID kit is what you want to look at because HID kits are able to produce the brightest and most effective light output. When choosing an H11 HID kit, make sure to look at 4300K HID bulbs for the brightest possible output. Going with a higher kelvin H11 HID kit will mean that your Silverado will have “bluer” headlights, but not necessarily more light output.

Chevy Silverado H11 LED headlight kit: going with an H11 LED headlight kit will get you a good improvement in light output over your stock headlight bulbs, as XenonDepot’s H11 Xtreme LED PRO Headlight Kits produce approximately 1750 lumens, while your stock H11 halogen bulbs are rated at roughly 1000-1200 lumens. While LED headlight kits are not as bright as HID kits, they certainly make for an easier installation given that there is no ballast to wire up – they are literally plug+play bulb replacements. What makes XenonDepot’s H11 LED headlight kit unique is that there is no fan on the back of the bulb to cool it. Instead, aluminum heat sink fins are used to dissipate the heat away from the headlight. This is great for the Silverado, as you may not necessarily have a ton of space behind the Low Beam headlight bulb, and a bulky fan may get in the way.

If you’re not looking for a huge lighting upgrade for your Silverado’s headlights, then check out our large selection of H11 Halogen bulbs. These performance bulbs are not necessarily that much brighter than your stock bulbs, but they will enhance the light output and get you a “Whiter” light than your dull yellow H11 bulb. A very popular choice is the Osram H11 Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs. They are designed to get you approximately 20% more light than stock, are street-legal, and operate at the same wattage as your stock headlight bulb.

High Beams

Now let’s talk about the high beam bulb that the 2008-2015 Silverado use, which is a 9005LL bulb. Here is some information about 9005LL halogen bulbs:

  • IEC Base: P20d
  • Color: Clear
  • Volts: 12.8
  • Amps: 5.08
  • Watts:65W

If you’re looking to change out the High Beam bulb on your truck, you’ve pretty much got the same choices as the Low Beam headlight bulb: 9005 HID kits, 9005 LED headlight kits, or 9005 performance halogen bulbs. We personally suggest looking at a 9005 LED kit for this upgrade, as HID bulbs go through a warm-up period when first ignited, which can pose as an issue in High beam functionality (if you need them to be instant-on). 9005 LED bulbs turn on instantly to maximum brightness, which is what you’re going to want when using your Silverado’s High Beams.

Chevy Silverado Fog Lights: For some reason, Chevrolet decided it would be best to use a low-wattage 5202 (PSX24W) halogen bulb to act as a Fog Light bulb. Upgrading this bulb requires you to take into consideration the low wattage, as you don’t want to damage your Chevy’s Fog Light harness and/or Fog Light lens.

Fog Lights

Here is some information about 5202 fog light bulbs:

  • Bulb Number: 5202
  • Corresponding LED Kit: 5202 LED Fog Light bulbs
  • IEC Base: PG20/3
  • Color: Clear
  • 5202 Bulb Length: 3.6cm (1.42")
  • Bulb Width: 1.85cm (0.73")
  • 5202 Bulb Volts: 13.5
  • Amps: 1.78S
  • Watts: 24Watts

As you can see the Silverado fog light bulb is only a 24W bulb, so we don’t recommend installing an HID kit in this situation. Instead, check out our 5202 LED replacement bulbs as an upgrade. They’ll get you more light and awesome color to boot!

1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado Forward Lighting

The 1999 – 2006 Chevy Silverado uses a two-headlight system – one bulb for the Low Beams (9006), and one bulb for the High Beams (9005). 9005 and 9006 headlight bulbs are super common, meaning that there are plenty of lighting upgrades available for your Silverado.

The nice thing about 9006 halogen Low Beam bulbs is that they can be upgraded to either HID or LED technology. 9006 halogen bulbs can be easily swapped out with a 9006 HID kit quite easily. XenonDepot 9006 HID kits come with custom-molded 9006 bases and 9006 connectors that will simply plug into your Silverado’s stock headlight harness. While 9006 HID Kits are the best choice to get the most light out of your Low Beams, a simpler (and effective) solution would be to look at the 9006 LED Headlight Kits. You won’t need to worry about installing a ballast or running a relay harness, because the 9006 LED headlights are a simple plug+play upgrade right into the Silverado’s stock headlight harness.

Chevy Silverado High Beams: The High Beam bulb used in the 1999-2006 Silverado is a 9005 headlight bulb. 9005 headlight bulbs twist into place and have three locking tabs on the base to secure them. They are rated at 65W, making them a little brighter than a 9006 bulb, which look pretty much identical (slight variance in the base). If you’re looking for an effective High Beam upgrade for your Silverado, we strongly suggest you consider a 9005 LED Headlight Kit. LED bulbs provide instant-on functionality: the second you turn your high beams on, you get light that same instant. There is no warm-up period or lag, like you would have with a 9005 HID kit. 9005 LED kits are also simple plug and play replacements for your stock halogens.

If you’re looking to change other bulbs on your Chevy Silverado, check out our Automotive Lamp Replacement Guide for detailed Silverado bulb information. We’ve got a full listing of the types of bulbs that the Silverado (all model years) use for Forward Lighting, Interior/Courtesy Lighting, and Rear Lighting.