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2010-2019 Toyota 4Runner Forward Lighting

Nov 2018 Update: We've recently updated our Vehicle Lighting Guide so that it now has information on some 2019 models. First and foremost, you can now find our 2019 Toyota 4Runner Lighting Guide, which has all the lamp replacement information you need to upgrade the lighting on your new 4Runner. This daytime running light LED Driver will work on all 5th generation Toyota 4runners that use a 9005 bulb High/ DRL combo.

Also brand new is our Xtreme PRO DRL LED Driver - this is a new version of the LED Driver box that comes with our Xtreme PRO 9005 LED Kit. The beauty of this new Driver is that it will take in the variable, pulsing power signature the 4Runner uses in DRL mode and actually allow the lights to dim! This lets you keep the stock functionality where your DRLs operate at a lower intensity, which has been a long-time request we are proud to fulfill. You don't have to use the PWM anti-flicker modules anymore (so your DRLs no longer have to be as bright as your High Beams) and the best part is that this eliminates the flickering found in other LED setups where the High Beam and DRLs share the same bulb. Finally - an LED solution that works the same way as the OEM setup.

Jan 2018 Update: The 2018 model information is in and everything is the same from the 2017s. A 2018 Toyota 4Runner Xtreme HID Kit is still your best upgrade for the Low Beam headlights. Put those projector-style housings to work with some H11 Philips 4300K rebased HID bulbs to get the brightest, whitest, most OEM-HID look you can with your halogen housings.

If you're looking to upgrade your High Beams then our 9005 Xtreme LED PRO Kit is a great option: just make sure to pick the 'with CANBUS' option if your DRLs are running off your High Beam bulbs. If your High Beams and DRLs use the same bulb, be aware that the LEDs will not be able to dim in DRL mode so the lights will on at full intensity on both settings. If you need a Halogen upgrade here instead so you can maintain the dimmer DRLs, then the 9005 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs would be the way to go.

You can finish off your forward lighting upgrades with an
H16 Xtreme LED PRO Fog Light Kit (for a brightness upgrade) or some H16 Xtreme LED CMB Fog Light Bulbs (for output comparable to stock, but the ability to colour-match in 5000K White or 6000K White/Blue).

The fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner encompasses all Toyota 4Runners made from 2010-2018. The 4Runner received a complete redesign for the 2010 model year, and a facelift in the 2014 model year.

The 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Toyota 4Runners come with some awesome new low-beam projector headlights, that are a prefect candidate for a lighting upgrade. The projectors provide a very sharp cut-off, which means that you can safely install an HID conversion kit or LED headlight upgrade with minimal glare – compared to the older style reflective headlights (2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 4 Runners).

The newly designed 2014+ 4Runner headlights use two separate low-beam and high beam bulbs. The bulb used in the low-beam projector is an H11 Halogen bulb. Here is some information about H11 halogen bulbs

Low Beams:

  • Toyota 4Runner Headlight Bulb : H11
  • Corresponding HID Headlight Kit: H11 HID Kit
  • IEC Base type: PGJ19-2
  • Base type: Right Angle Prefocus, H11
  • Filaments: CC-8
  • H11 bulb length: 6.7cm
  • H11 bulb width: 1.08cm
  • Volts: 13.2
  • Amps: 4.17
  • Watts: 55W

The fact that Toyota decided to go back to projector headlamps for the 2014 and 2015 4runner is huge! It makes upgrading the low-beam headlights with either an H11 LED headlight kit , or even an H11 HID kit more ideal -- compared to the previous get reflective headlights. Yes, you can try and retrofit HID projectors in the vehicle’s headlights (in place of the stock projectors), but the improvement you would see over stock is minimal. The stock projectors do such a nice job with an H11 4300k HID kit, or H11 LED kit that your 4Runner will look like it came with HID lights right from the factory.

Now that we’ve sorted out the low-beams on the fifth-generation 4$unner, let’s take a look at the high beam bulb – which is 9005. 9005 headlight bulbs are very commonly used as high-beam bulbs across many makes and models.

High Beams:

Here is some information about 4Runner 9005 High beam bulbs:

  • 4Runner High beam bulbs: 9005
  • Corresponding 9005 Replacement bulbs Kit: 9005 Bulbs
  • IEC Base type: P20d
  • Base type: Right Angle Prefocus, HB3
  • Filaments: C-8
  • 9006 bulb length: 7.8cm (3.07")
  • 9006 bulb width: 1.07cm (0.42")
  • Volts: 12.8
  • Amps: 5.08
  • Watts: 65

We do not suggest upgrading 9005 bulbs to HID using a 9005 HID conversion kit. The reason we don’t recommend this upgrade is because HID bulbs go through a warm-up period when first turned on, and if you’re driving your 4Runner, and require a quick burst of light from your HID high-beams, you’re going to be waiting for a bit until they reach max light output. However, XenonDepot does have some awesome 9005 LED headlight bulbs that provide 2500 lumens instantly – and are literally “plug n’ play." They are literally a direct replacement for your stock high beam bulbs, and serve both a functional upgrade (instant bright light), and a cosmetic upgrade to boot.

Fog Lights:

Now how about those puny fogs? Why did Toyota choose to equip the 2014 and 15 4runners with low=wattage H16 halogen bulbs that offer almost no useable light output! Have no fear, the Philips h16 LED headlight bulbs are here! Philips H16 Led bulbs will literally double the amount of light that your stock bulbs provide. Aside from more light, they will also emit a cool 5000k-color temperature that will be an awesome match for your newly installed HID or LED headlight bulbs. Don’t worry about glare though. These all-new Philips h11 LED fog bulbs are designed to replicate H16 fog light bulbs, and emit a road-legal beam pattern while enhancing your nighttime driving experience. The really cool thing about these bulbs is that they is absolutely no-fan or “active-cooling" system. Yes, other vendors offer all types of LED headlight & fog light bulbs claiming overrated lumens, and performance specs. What they fail to mention is that their products generally have a fan stuck on the back of the bulb to ensure it doesn’t over-heat. If there is no fan, then there’s a massive heat sink on the back that may conflict with your 4runner, leaving your new super fantastic LED bulb useless.

There seems to be some online confusion about what an H16 fog light bulb is, an what some potential aftermarket replacements would be. Here is some information about 4Runner H16 fog light bulbs:

  • 4Runner Fog Light: H16
  • Corresponding H16 Replacement LED Kit: H16 Bulbs
  • IEC Base type: PGJ19-3
  • Volts: 12V
  • Amps: 1.58
  • Watts: 19

You’ll notice that the stock h16 fog light bulb is only rated at 19W, so consider this before installing any sort of higher wattage halogen bulb or HID kit. This is why we strongly suggest going with a proper H16 LED fog light bulb as the best fog light upgrade for the 4runner. Here is an awesome review of the Philips H11 Yellow LED bulbs installed in a 2016 Toyota 4runner: Philips 12793UNIX2 review.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the 14 and 15 4runner, but let’s touch base on the 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 models. The bulbs used are pretty much the same as the post facelift model except the fog light bulbs. Toyota choose to use an H11 bulb for the 2010-2013 as the fog light bulb – which is the same as the low beam headlight bulb. For a full 4Runner bulb listing, I would definitely suggest checking our Toyota 4 Runner lamp replacement guides:

Recently added: Take a moment to review this 2016 Toyota 4runner HID kit DIY that shows how easy it is to upgrade your 4runner's headlights to HID using the XenonDepot HID kit. This customer upgraded his 2016 Toyota 4runner with our XenonDepot H11 HID kit with the "Philips bulbs" option. Philips bulbs are rated at 4300k and 3200 lumens. The Philips bulbs we use in the XenonDepot HID kit are literally the same ones that are used in OEM HID applications.

2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner Forward Lighting

The 4th generation 4Runner uses very similar bulbs to the 5th gen T4R, and even shares similarities in the headlight design. In 2006 Toyota introduced a facelift, which saw the 4runner get Low Beam projector headlamps, while the previous years had reflective headlights. This is the exact same scenario as the 2010-13 runners having reflective headlights, while the 2014+ 4runners had projector headlamps. However, the 4th gen vehicles literally had the same headlight design as the 2003-2005, meaning that many 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 4Runner owners swapped out their entire headlight assemblies to the 2006+ projector headlights using H11 bulbs. Once new headlights are obtained and installed (literally a direct replacement), it’s really easy to install an H11 HID kit to increase the light output, while eliminating most of the glare found in reflective headlights. The only thing to keep in mind if going forward with this upgrade is that the 2002-2005 Toyota 4Runners use a 9006 headlight bulb for the Low Beams, but the newer projector headlight use an H11 headlight bulb. This means that you’re going to need to account for the newer headlights using a bulb that won’t plug into your stock headlight harness. This is not a big deal however. All you would need to do is order an H11 HID Kit, and let XenonDepot that you need 9006 plugs to connect into your OEM headlight harness – we’ll include them for you, free of charge.

If you’re not looking to change the whole headlight assemblies on your 2002-2005 4Runner and simply want a better halogen bulb, then check out our large selection of performance halogen bulbs. We are big fans of the Osram's Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs. They are rated at the same wattage as your stock bulb, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your vehicle’s headlights and/or harness due to higher-wattage bulbs that burn hotter. Check out these 9006 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs for the 2003-2005 4Runner Low Beams, and H11 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs for the 2006-2009 T4R headlights.

The 4th gen T4R uses 9005 bulbs for the high-beams, meaning that you can get some awesome 9005 LED headlight bulbs for maximum light output, or the matching 9005 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs to match the lows (depending on which route you went with).

Want to replace other lights in your 4th Generation 4Runner? See our Vehicle Lighting Guides for more details:

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner Forward Lighting

The 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner was the first 4Runner that was actually an SUV. It had awesome off-roading capabilities, but evolved into a slightly more luxury-oriented vehicle. This 4Runner uses a single H4 headlight bulb for both its Low and High Beam headlights bulb. H4 headlight bulbs are dual-filament bulbs, which is how the bulb is able to produce two distinct beams. The Low Beam filament is rated at 55W, while the High Beam filament is rated at 60W. XenonDepot has all different types of H4 lighting upgrades to replace the 4Runner headlight bulb, from H4 performance halogen bulbs made by Osram, Philips, and Nokya, to our H4 LED Kits and H4 Bi-Xenon HID Kits if you're looking for a bigger boost in output and colour temperature. We would recommend the H4 LED Kit as your best option here - a nice boost in light output without being too overpowering (HIDs in reflector housings can give a lot of glare), and a nice 5500K colour (pure white - no yellow/blue).

For full lamp replacement information for 3rd Generation 4Runners, check out our Vehicle Lighting Guides: