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Profile FlashPack Relay: EP27


PART #: 1 x LED2

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The Pros Unite: Hyperflash is a scourge among the LED community but Profile is here to save the day. They've developed their FlashPack relays by working directly with the top industry experts. That shows their commitment to excellence because they're an incredible company on their own. To team up shows they're in it to solve the problem once and for all.

No Rigging:When a plumbing problem occurs what do you do? Nobody would slap some flex seal on that stuff and call it good would they? That's why we're so amazed at how often we see people using wiretaps to solve their hyperflash issues. With that in mind consider that using FlashPack relays to replace the relay that runs your flasher circuit is like laying real pipe, just like any professional would. It's a reliable and permanent solution. You deserve the best and this is how to get that tried and true performance day after day. .

Calculated:FlashPack can regulate hyperflash issues because it's designed for LED blinker circuits from the start. That means that your signals will blink at the rate they're originally designed to. No more issues.

Plug n Play:Installation has never been easier. Locate your flasher relay which is typically under the dash and just swap this one into place. There's never been a simpler solution to such an annoying problem. No re-configuration is necessary.

Compatibility: The EP27 FlashPack Relays are designed to fit many cars - however, we recommend checking your owners manual and comparing the product photos to the actual unit found in your vehicle to ensure compatibility.

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