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LED Fog Lights

Although Fog Lights are not mandatory in most places, they are very important for driving in foggy conditions where visibility is limited. Xenon Depot offers LED fog lights that can cut below the fog and illuminate the road more effectively to improve your driving safety. The front fog lights on your vehicle are a type of headlights that are designed to project light in a barshaped beam on the road. This projected light is designed with a sharp cut off at the top so that the light does not get reflected off the fog in front of your vehicle. These lights illuminate the road more effectively when there is strong fog in the air which interferes with your main headlights. They allow you to see the road more effectively to see potholes, bumps and other obstacles on the road. Fog lights are meant to be installed lower and as close to the ground as possible. They aim light toward the ground at a sharp, focused angle. They only project light to a moderate distance and are meant to be kept on when you are driving slower.

Difference between Fog Lights and Headlights

If we compare the angle and position of fog lights to high and low beam headlights we can see how differently these seemingly similar lights function. The high beams are focused on a very short angle and project light straight ahead allowing you to see the farthest. The low beam headlights are also aimed at a relatively narrow angle but project light towards the road at a distance of 20 to 100 feet in front of your car. Both these headlights allow you to see the road surface a much greater distance in front of your vehicle. Fog lights on the other hand are directly aimed at the road in front of your vehicle, up to a distance of 20 feet. Since they are also positioned closer to the ground, the sharp angle can only illuminate the ground immediately in front of your vehicle. Mostfactory built fog lights on vehicles produce selective yellow light which has created a misconception that they must be yellow. That isn’t true. Many LED fog lights produce white light and that is completely up to your preference.

Reasons to Buy LED Fog Lights

LED fog lights offer much better lighting while consuming less power than regular fogs. You can replace a 35 w halogen fog light bulb with a 12 w LED fog light that produces better lighting than the original bulb. This will improve fuel efficiency and help you cut down costs as well. LED fog lights produce a bright white light that is more effective for illuminating dark or unlighted roads in foggy weather. The top quality LED fog lights provide much superior guidancethat helps you drive in the toughest driving conditions making it easier to detect pedestrians, broken roads, bumps, animals or other kinds of road blockage. LED fog lights are simply better for preventing road accidents when driving in rain of thick fog. Although LED fog lights may cost more, the quality and durability of LED fogs is unquestionable. LEDs are built on a diode emission technology that does not get affected by cold weather as easily as halogen bulbs. When the going gets tough you should rely on bulbs that get the job done rather than buying cheap halogen lights that fail you when you need them the most. LED fog lights produce a soothing, bluish white glow. They give a comfortable driving experience and do not cause strain on your eyes when you keep them on. LED fogs have exceptional lighting that relaxes your eyes and provides you full visibility that you need for safe driving. Unlike your headlights, fog lights are unlikely to get used very often. Once you upgrade to LED fog lights they can easily last 30,000 to 50,000 hours without the need of replacement. If you upgrade to LED fog lights, they are very likely to last the entire life of your vehicle and you may not have to upgrade them again, until you switch to a new vehicle.

Get the Best Fog Lights at Xenon Depot

Fog lights help illuminate the road directly in front of your vehicle and there are two main purposes why most people upgrade them. First is because of their practicality. Fog lights help you see what’s immediately in front of your vehicle when low beam on your headlights fails to cut through the fog. This is useful for improving visibility and road safety. The second major usefulness is that fog light do not cause glare by reflecting off of water particles or other reflective surfaces on the road. It may be tempting to use fog lights all the time to improve visibility there are some good reasons to keep them off when there is no fog. Having the road directly in front of your vehicle can dilate your eyes and reduce your ability to see road darker road that is farther up ahead. This won’t affect your driving when you are going slowly. But when you are driving fast, relying on fog lights can make you miss bumps in the road and reduce driving safety. At Xenon Depot, we offer a large variety of LED fog lights for all kinds of vehicles. You can buy LED fog lights for Toyota, Ford, Honda, Dodge and Nissan at great prices. Need guidancefor buying the right LED fog lightsfor your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!