Sealed Beam LED Headlights

Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in


PART #: 1 x ORC5769-005

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Product Details

New from Oracle:The Ultimate LED replacement headlight option for any vehicle with 7in Sealed Beam lamps. The rugged design is perfect for your Jeep Wrangler, Off-Road Vehicle, Buggies, or Classic Car/ Truck. Installation is very easy with the included H4 and H13 Plug and Play connectors. Each set comes in full color retail-ready packaging and a 2-Year free Replacement Warranty. You can even choose optional colored Halos for even more customization! Improvements in brightness and reliability by adding a constant current LED driver to the main circuit board inside of the lamp to control the halos. NEW! No need for Anti-Flicker Wiring Adapters- The new SMART Integrated Can-Bus system automatically adjusts- preventing flicker issues. Increased Reliability- By conditioning the power going into the LEDs this prevents degradation which can shorten the overall lifespan of the product. Wider Input Voltage Range- The new SMD Halos can operate on a very wide voltage range from 12V-24V so that voltage spike can not damage the LEDs. Brighter LED Halos- by moving the heat load of the resistors off the PCB we are able to increase the number of LEDs on the circuit board without thermal issues. LED chips upgraded from a Cree LED to a Phillips Luxeon ZES chip.They deliver a very high efficacy 130LM/W ratio while having lower thermal output.

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Product Specs

  • Compatibility

  • 5769-005: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / Amber SMD Single Color)

  • 5769-002: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / Blue SMD Single Color)

  • 5769-333: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / ColorShift RGB / 2.0 Controller)

  • 5769-335: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / ColorShift RGB / BC1 Controller)

  • 5769-334: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / ColorShift RGB / No Controller)

  • 5769-332: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / Dynamic ColorShift RGB)

  • 5769-004: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / Green SMD Single Color)

  • 5769-003: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / Red SMD Single Color)

  • 5769-001: Oracle LED Halo Heads: 7in (Black Bezel / White SMD Single Color)

  • Tech Specs

  • Input: H13/H4

  • Input Voltage: 12-24V DC

  • Power: 36w Low / 48w High

  • Intensity: 3,600lm (low), 4,800lm (high)

  • Current Draw: 2.5A @ 12V DC

  • Light Source: Philips Luxeon Z ES 6000K (Cool White)

  • Material: Hard-Coated Polycarbonate (Lens), Die Cast Aluminum (Housing)

  • Compliance: DOT / SAE

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