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KC Hi-Lites Cyclone Rock Light Kit


PART #: 1 x KC339

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Product Details

Cyclone Rock Lights:The 6pc KC HiLites 5w Cyclone LED is a whirlwind of fun. It's far more versatile than most lights of this nature. Available in clear, diffused, amber, green, blue, red and more, these lights can be placed anywhere your imagination can take you. The engine bay? Why not. Wheel wells? You betcha. Really, anywhere you can think to screw one in they can go. Thanks to their small stature but giant performance they are sure to make a big impact every time you fire them up. .

Made in the USA: KC Lights are still designed, engineered, and constructed here in the USA. We don't need to tell you how rare that is today and while other companies are looking elsewhere to cut costs, KC has stuck with American workers.

Lighting the way since 2001: For nearly two decades Xenon Depot has been on the leading edge of the HID and LED lighting industry. While our product line has continually changed over the years, one thing remains the same; our commitment to quality customer service. You come to Xenon Depot because you want a reliable lighting upgrade. We intend to deliver that, and much more. To see what else we've got in store for your car or truck; use the Buyer's GuideBuyer's Guide on our homepage.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Rock Lights: 6x Cyclone LED Rock Lights

  • Hardware: Universal Mounts, Mounting Hardware

  • Wiring: 1x Complete Harness w/ Switch and Fuse Block

  • Warranty:23 Years (Click for Details)

  • Compatibility

  • 91036: Cyclone Rock Light System w/ Wiring (6 Pcs / Amber)

  • 91039: Cyclone Rock Light System w/ Wiring (6 Pcs / Blue)

  • 91038: Cyclone Rock Light System w/ Wiring (6 Pcs / Green)

  • 91037: Cyclone Rock Light System w/ Wiring (6 Pcs / Red)

  • 339: Cyclone Rock Light System w/ Wiring (6 Pcs / RGB)

  • 91035: Cyclone Rock Light System w/ Wiring (6 Pcs / White)

  • Tech Specs

  • Intensity: 516lm

  • Power: 5w

  • Current: 0.42A @ 12V DC

  • Input Voltage: 6-16V DC

  • Dimensions: 2.2in DIA, 0.53in D

  • Light Source: Samsung 5630

  • Compliance: IP67

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