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H7: Xtreme LED Pro


PART #: 1 x XD.LED060


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Product Details

Xtreme LED Pro: Xtreme LED Pro series of drop-in headlight bulbs are just better--right from the start. They incorporate today's most advanced components and features for unparalleled compatibility and performance. Hold one in your hand and you'll immediately discern their uncommonly high-quality fit, finish, and feel: they're made of premium materials, formed and assembled with precise craftsmanship.

Optimal Heat Dissipation: The next thing you'll notice is their all-new patented aluminum alloy leaf passive heat sink. Its compact and readily configurable design allows an easy fit in most any headlamp housing, and with its much larger contiguous thermal path, it does a better job shedding heat off the LEDs than past-type flexible mesh heat sinks. With no flex-mesh junctions to break and no motorized fans to make noise and electrical interference, clog, or fail, the superior heat rejection performance of the alloy leaf passive heat sink is retained over the long haul, for the full rated life of the emitters. That translates directly to excellent performance; the cooler LEDs can be kept, the higher their output.

Beam Pattern: The emitters themselves are genuine Lumileds ZES, three on each side of the light head, and this together with their undomed configuration means they closely replicate the size of the original halogen filament. That means a better optical match than longer 4-emitter arrays or domed COB emitters, both of which violate the light source box your headlamp's optics were designed around, and because the high output comes from three chips rather than four, luminance is higher for better beam punch and spread.

Lumens & Light Output: Anyone can throw around inflated lumen numbers--and most vendors do. Some of those numbers have no basis in reality, they're just fibs. Some of them are somewhat accurate, but only immediately after the bulb is lit up in a cold chamber, without accounting for the significant 'droop' that happens when improperly chosen emitters are inadequately cooled--don't drink the kool-aid! The Xtreme LED Pro bulbs are rated honestly: 1750 lumens stable, measured after the bulbs have been operating continuously for an hour in 60C heat. That's a rating that means (and gives you) exactly what it says. With the 5500K color temperature of our emitters, we're giving you true white light, not artificially jacking up the lumen rating with a bunch of useless deep-blue light that can only attract unwanted police attention, not help you see.

In Summary, They're Just Better: There's more clean-sheet engineering where you can't see it: we've used copper circuit boards for optimal thermal conductivity, and our compact base means the rigid tail of the light head is only 25mm--much smaller than other LED bulbs on the market. You'll note the light head is remarkably compact, without bulky over-length that prevents many other LED bulbs from fitting all the way into many headlamps. And the light head is clockable, too, so you can fine-tune the output for the best optical match with any lamp you might install them in. Truly, this is the top-performing LED bulb with OE-level quality and "fit it and forget it" durability and dependability.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • BULBS: 2x H7 Xtreme LED Pro

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • Compatibility

  • FITMENTS: H7, H7LL, H7-55W, 499

  • Tech Specs

  • INTENSITY: 1,750lm (Stable)

  • EMITTERS: 6x LumiLEDS ZES / bulb

  • ADJUSTABILITY: Fully Clockable Base

  • LIGHT COLOR: 5500K / Crisp White


  • LIFESPAN: 50,000hrs (Estimated)

Product Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

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4 out of 5 stars

Very impressed

Rob  Reviewed: 9/26/2018 4:17:00 pm

I very impressed in how much better they were compared to the original bulbs. I found the original bulbs to have very little affect on the street signs, meaning light reflecting. Now with the new Xtreme LED Pro, they reflect on street signs almost as well as my wife's Buick Enclave's (HID) bulbs. <br>Let's hope they last, for the price!

5 out of 5 stars

Sprinter Low Beam LEDs

Frank  Reviewed: 10/9/2017 9:14:00 am

I was concerned that the units would not fit to be secured by the thin wire clamp ... not to worry, and all wiring actually fit within the Sprinter's assembly so no holes were needed to extend the LED box outside of the headlight assembly. I am not planning on replacing the high beams, but if you are considering it you will need to purchase a $2 replacement holder as the high beam bulb secures differently. And probably count on drilling a hole as I do not believe two LED boxes could fit within the housing.

4 out of 5 stars

MotorCycle LED's | 20074 Yamaha YZF-R6

Brett Parker  Reviewed: 5/14/2019 10:53:00 am

So, I purchased these with the PWM Module. I was replacing a cheap HID kit.<br><br>For my bike, the installation process was a bit tedious. If you have the plastic dust covers over the headlight housing, you will need to drill a 1"-1 1\4" hole in it to pass the heat fins and wires. Fortunately for me, the previously installed HID kit required it so my holes where there. I installed the bulbs with the 2 prong H7 connection as well as the 4 pin screw connection so that they remained hidden behind the dustcover. This allowed me to use the rubber grommet on the harness to seal the hole on the plastic dust cover.<br><br>(NOTE: the rubber grommet has to be cut so that the heat fins can pass through it and it can be installed to close the hole as best as possible. <br><br>As far as lighting output goes. They are pretty bright and they have a very nice clean white color. I'd say they are probably just as bright as my cheap HID kit that I had which was a 35 w. I'd recommend these!

5 out of 5 stars

Great as usual

Richard  Reviewed: 10/6/2018 12:06:00 am

Love Xenon Depot's LED headlights. I have them in several cars. The competition doesn't even come close in light clarity, colour or quality.

5 out of 5 stars


anonymous  Reviewed: 11/3/2018 12:43:00 am

These bulbs exceeded my expectations. I had 65w halogens that were the best you could get, they got discontinued so I was searching for a replacement. These LEDs behaved the exact same way in a projector housing as halogens. A nice white color too. I only wish they'd make a higher wattage version. Not quite as good as HID, but better than halogen, a nice middle ground.