4300K-8000K HID Bulbs



PART #: 1 x XD.N.075

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Product Details

XTR HID Bulbs: Direct Replacement for your OEM HID D3S application. Xtreme HID D3S bulbs are manufactured from German made Philips UV quartz glass which helps provide more light on the road as well as the highest level of resistance to vibrations, extremes of temperature, and risks of explosion. Xtreme HID D3S bulbs are designed to work with any D3S style ballast and headlight.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • BULBS: 2x D3S Xtreme HID

  • WARRANTY: 1 Year

  • Compatibility


  • OSRAM PART #: 66340 / 66340HBI

  • PHILIPS PART #: 42302, 42302XV, 9285335244

  • AUDI PART #: 0903110500

  • FORD PART #: 7L7Z13N021A / 7L7Z-13N021-A

  • Tech Specs



  • LIFESPAN: 2500 Hours

  • WATTAGE: 35W

  • 5000K: Pure White (~3200 lm)

  • 6500K: Cool White (~3000 lm)

  • 8000K: Light Blue (~2800 lm)

Product Reviews

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1 out of 5 stars

Wrong bulbs

Thomas Bilotti  Reviewed: 7/21/2015 2:44:00 am

Very disappointing, after receiving the wrong bulbs, they made me wait another week and 1/2 to get the correct bulbs. I felt they could have expedited the shipping.

1 out of 5 stars

Wrong bulb sent

Dan Dambrowski  Reviewed: 6/7/2015 5:26:00 am

I was sent the wrong bulb so I can't give a good review. I was told repeatedly by customer service that the bulb I was sent D4S would work in my vehicle. It does not fit. Currently in process of sending back. I will update once I receive the correct D3S bulb.

3 out of 5 stars

Question re: headlights purchased

Marcia A. Corcoran  Reviewed: 12/12/2016 8:22:00 am

In November, I ordered two 5000K HID D3S headlight bulbs for a 2014 Buick Enclave, which I received quickly from your company. Thank you for the good service. An auto mechanic installed one headlight in November, soon after I received the bulbs. I waited until after Dec. 1 to have the other headlight bulb installed, and the second bulb seems not to have the bluish tint that the first one installed has. I believe I ordered 2 with the bluish tint (5000K). I received both bulbs from your company in the same box. Could it be that the bulbs were different? What solutions can you offer me?

5 out of 5 stars


Christina Angiolillo  Reviewed: 3/5/2015 12:20:00 pm

Nothing but good things pertaining to the bulbs and after install I was able to have another friend place an order for his truck because he was so impressed.

2 out of 5 stars

My bulbs where used

CHRIS CERVANTES  Reviewed: 6/25/2019 10:47:00 pm

I was excited when I got my order but when I opened the box to examine the bulb I was upset. The contacts had scratches on the metal indicating it was previously installed and used. I paid for a brand part and I expect a brand new part not some returned exchange.

5 out of 5 stars

Excellent pricing, service, & delivery

Reginald Fluker  Reviewed: 12/9/2019 9:38:00 pm

Excellent pricing, easy ordering, good website, very prompt free delivery. Saved me a bunch of money. I would give a 10 if I could. So, 5 stars twice.

5 out of 5 stars


Rafael  Reviewed: 9/30/2019 3:47:00 am

Shipping was fast. All items were in perfect condition and packaged neatly. Everything worked as it should and look amazing!

1 out of 5 stars

D3S HID Bulb | D3S Xenon Bulb

Harland  Reviewed: 8/25/2016 10:12:00 am

I have been in business with you for years. You service was great then when you are still called KB Carstuff. Efficient and very customer focused. No hazzle to transact with.<br><br>But your policy have changed drastically. On your "FREE RETURNS" you now subject your customers to pay for the outgoing shipping charges. What kind of business is that? You have become too profit greedy and completely void of what we call - CUSTOMER SATISFACTION". <br><br>Case in point is my recent transaction with you. Under the guise of your "BLOWN-UP percent discount" , when I returned the item due to wrong fit, you slapped me with $30.00 shipping charge. And to add insult to injury - I spent another $30.oo to return the item. That SUCKS from a customer standpoint. Lucky me that you at least did not hit me with your SELF-PROCLAIMED Re-stocking fee. BEWARE is my word of caution to all your customers. I doubt if you will succeed in holding on to your customer in the long term.

5 out of 5 stars

d3s bulbs with ballasts

Fadi Ghanout  Reviewed: 6/14/2016 12:19:00 am

very good service . thank u

1 out of 5 stars

bulbs not as what they said

Tyler Norman  Reviewed: 9/16/2015 9:32:00 am

Well to be honest I'm not to happy with the customer service ...I had the bulbs for less that three weeks and the bulb went out and I contacted the store again and they said that they would send out a replacement but I would have to pay shipping or it would take 10 days to receive this so I payed again to get a replacement so I could have lights again ...then two days later I recive the bulb when they were gonna sent me the bulb and igniter so again I have to call and and again the same thing u can pay again or another 10days out I just can't explain how they wouldn't help in any way so its been 9 days now and I still haven't seen the igniter but they took that money awful fast for shipping ....but I bought another set of bulbs for less money with better results .and a better service team! I just thought that for the price of these bulbs 130.00$ that they would treat there customers a little better .all in all I was disappointed .