Universal Switch for XKGlow Controllers

XKGlow Controller Input Switch



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Simple Switched Power: Don't fiddle with making a custom relayed harness to power your RGB controller! This switch uses a simple pair of ring terminals to source power directly from the battery of your car/truck/ATV/etc. while having an integrated on/off power switch and plug and play DC output for the controller input.

XKGlow x XD: Here at Xenon Depot, we represent the best brands in the automotive lighting business. XKGlow has a reputation for making high-end, high-performance LED accessories for the aftermarket, and we're proud to deliver their product to our customers. If you have any questions on XKGlow LED gear for your car, truck, or motorcycle, contact our customer service team today!

Product Specs

  • Compatibility

  • XK-WIFI-SWITCH: XKGlow On/Off Switch w/ LED Indicator

  • Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage: 12V DC

  • Input: Power/Ground Ring Terminals

  • Output: XKGlow DC Plug

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