4300K-8000K HID BULBS

9012: GTR Lighting Ultra Series HID Bulbs


PART #: 1 x GTR.B071


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Product Details

Ultra HID Bulbs: From base to tip, the GTR Lighting Ultra HID Bulbs offer the finest materials and most modern HID bulb technologies. Ensuring capsule precision relative to the base is a white ceramic sleeve, providing thermal protection and a sturdy foundation for the capsule within. The capsule itself uses coated quartz glass to reduce UV emittance which would normally age headlight housings prematurely. Ultra HID Bulbs are compatible with 35w-55w HID ballasts, and utilize AMP style connections.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • BULBS: 2x (One Pair)

  • WARRANTY: Lifetime

  • Compatibility

  • FITMENTS: 9006, 9006HP, 9006XS, 9006LL, 9012, HB4

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