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Cable Glands


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Product Details

Totally Glandular: Passing through the housing wall and want the cleanest means to do it? Do it with the glands! These were brought into our catalog due to demand from our dealers!

Plastic 'n Rubber: Comprised of both plastic and rubber materials, these are designed in such a way to thread together and seal against the housing wall. The tip of the gland is a rubber conical piece that is compressed against the wires passing through them to seal everything off nice'n tidy.

Two Sizes: Available in the two most popular sizes: 9mm and 11mm before compression (the area where the wire passes through the glands). These little guys should fit where you need them and allow just the right amount of pressure for however many wires you're running through them.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Gland: 1x Watertight Cable Gland

  • Note: Color May Vary

  • Warranty: N/A

  • Compatibility

  • Panel Thickness: Max. 3mm

  • Wiring: 9mm or 11mm O.D.

  • Tech Specs

  • MATERIAL: Plastic and Rubber

  • MOUNT TO: Metal, plastic, glass, or rubber surfaces

  • HOLE REQUIRED: 9mm Gland = 15mm Hole,11mm Gland = 18mm Hole

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