HR Tested HID Conversion Kit

2015-2018 GMC Canyon Ultra HID System (Low Beam)


PART #: 2 x GTR.BL030, 1 x GTR.B163, 1 x H10, 1 x H660, 1 x H300


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Product Details

Ultra HID System: So-called lifetime warranties by fly-by-night HID manufacturers and resellers are all too common in the marketplace. If a kit retails for $40, what components are being used, and what did the kit cost for the seller?! If the parts are dropping off left and right, leaving you without light output on the road, why bother even going to HID in the first place when halogen was more reliable? GTR Lighting Ultra HID systems are a top tier HID system backed by a well-renowned and enthusiast-based company. They're priced higher than generic (and problematic) “lifetime" HID kits, and here's why:

Ultra HID Bulbs: From base to tip, the GTR Lighting Ultra HID Bulbs offer the finest materials and most modern HID bulb technologies. Ensuring capsule precision relative to the base is a white ceramic sleeve, providing thermal protection and a sturdy foundation for the capsule within. The capsule itself uses coated quartz glass to reduce UV emittance which would normally age headlight housings prematurely. Ultra HID Bulbs are compatible with 35w-55w HID ballasts, and utilize AMP style connections.

Ultra HID Ballasts: This system includes your choice of ASIC-controlled 35w or 55w HID ballasts, a circuitry design that's more expensive to produce and implement, but provides a vast improvement in performance and control of the HID bulbs they power. Inside the slim ballasts, each about the size of a deck of playing cards, is one fast startup time—from cold to full intensity in less than 9s! Both 35w and 55w options are designed with a 2,500 hour lifespan and can produce up to 5,000 lumens per bulb of output. Thanks to the premium components, we're confident you'll love your car's light output for years to come, and we'll be here to back it all up as long as you own the parts.

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • BULBS: 2x (One Pair)

  • BALLASTS: 2x (One Pair)

  • WIRING: 1x Harness

  • WARRANTY: Lifetime

  • Compatibility

  • CONFIRMED FITMENT: 2015-2020 GMC Canyon

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