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2-Pin LED Strip Harness (+/-)


PART #: 1 x GTR.H040

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GTR Lighting Quick Clip LED Strip Harness, 2-Pin (For Single Color LED Strips): Sold individually. Each harness has 2 clips, 1 on each side of the harness and can be used to join LED strips or cut the harness in half to make a pigtail. When using the flexible LED strips that come in 5 meter rolls, sometimes you have to cut it to length and to attach the cut side to a power source requires soldering onto the circuit board. Now, there is a quick connection available to make your install much easier! This harness will not work work for the RGB strip, only the single-color style.

Instructions: Cut the LED strip to the length you want. Peel away the soft silicone cover on the LED strip exposing the bare contacts. Line up the quick clip harness so the red wire contacts the positive side and the black wire contacts the negative side, of the LED strip. Press the quick clip harness together until it clicks. Test by applying 12v DC to the red and black wires..

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