Ceramic LED Bulbs

14-21 4Runner: Front Turn Signal LED


PART #: 1 x XD.LED290, 2 x XD.H090, 2 x XD.H111

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Product Details

Effective Operative: When it comes time to get down to business the XTR C Series will do that and more. Typically used to replace incandescent bulbs, these provide you with the long-lasting performance that only an LED can offer.

Engineered:When we designed the Series, we knew that our foundation had to be ceramic despite the higher cost. It's an outstanding fighter against thermal degradation. Then we molded the LED Driver, circuitry, and the optic mounts into it so you could be sure it wasn't going to fail like lesser products. We took this seriously and that's the only way we'd be willing to stamp our name on it.

Safety is Paramount: Sometimes you'll see reflectors or bulbs that will seem to be a mismatch in their turn signal housing. They'll create hot and cold spots because of poor design. We've cut out that possibility because our conical reflectors will throw light evenly across the entire turn signal. That means you'll be visible to everyone around you no matter their position.

Options: The 7440/7443 XTR C series is available in red, amber, and white. They LED package has been carefully selected to produce the most appropriate CRI in their application.

#BuyItForLife: Considering their excellent build quality and almost infinite lifespan it's likely that once you buy the XTR C Series you'll never have to replace them. With that in mind, we recommend starting at the front of the vehicle and working your way back to provide consistent looks, performance, and functionality.

Hyperflash Hyperflash is the bane of our existence. In some rare applications when the XTR C is used as a turn signal we've had reports that users are experiencing it because of how little power they run off of. This is an easily sorted problem with our optional LED Load Resistors. If you're not sure how your car might handle these LED bulbs you might go ahead and grab the resistors just in case. You can always return them if they're unnecessary.

Lighting the way since 2001: For nearly two decades Xenon Depot has been on the leading edge of the HID and LED lighting industry. While our product line has continually changed over the years, one thing remains the same; our commitment to quality customer service. You come to Xenon Depot because you want a reliable lighting upgrade. We intend to deliver that, and much more. To see what else we've got in store for your car or truck; use the Buyer's GuideBuyer's Guide on our homepage.

Product Specs

  • Compatibility

  • Toyota 4Runner: 2014-2021

  • Housings: Designed for, and confirmed to fit, Stock Housings

  • Tech Specs

  • CONSTRUCTION: Fully integrated ceramic body




  • RAW OUTPUT: 300 lumens

  • REAL OUTPUT: 225 lumens

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